Nintendo may be bringing Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong games to mobile

As we reported in May 2017, Nintendo aimed to bring Legend of Zelda to the mobile gaming arena and we even had a lovely speculation about what it could mean.

Other evidence of a possible Zelda mobile title, as well as a Donkey Kong game, has emerged through Destructoid in the form of a couple of trademark submissions. Specifically, the Japanese Nintendo has recorded the phrases "Spirit Tracks" and "Mario vs Donkey Kong".

While the trademark registrations are not solid evidence of an imminent mobile launch, were filed under the category of "Program for the home video game machine, downloadable video game program and program for smartphones ", which is a good omen.

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We've seen some console games In recent years, it was launched with complementary applications for mobile devices, so it may be the case one or both of these titles that are connected in some way to the Nintendo Switch or 3DS systems and receive that application.

In fact, it could result in any combination of releases in current Nintendo systems, since the category in which it is archived is broad enough to avoid details, but hopefully we get more Nintendo mobile action.

Spirit Tracks was a Legend of Zelda ti This was launched on the Nintendo DS and relied heavily on the use of its stylus as an input device (puzzle reorganization, handling of special weapons, etc.). It could be a mechanic that translates well into the touch screen interface of a smartphone. .

Similarly, the Mario vs Donkey Kong series revolves around puzzles and platforms, and could be remade for mobile devices. While this would be Donkey Kong's mobile debut, Mario has already done well with Super Mario Run.

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