Red Dead Online release date, beta access and online play

Red Dead Online will be launched in the coming weeks. But with such a huge open world to explore in the single-player history of Red Dead Redemption 2, why should I be excited about the game's online mode?

The open world game of Rockstar in the Open World, a prequel to Red Dead Redemption, 2010, was launched with great critical success and is basically everything in our office, or in yours, probably, He has been talking for weeks.

Although it is expected that the online mode is available live from the game and apos For the launch, it makes sense that Rockstar wants you to focus on the main story, and there is a lot, before getting into a multiplayer experience less narrative.

Rockstar has proved himself by turning a massive game for a single player into a lively online experience, as shown by the launch of GTA Online in 2013, which has become a phenomenon almost as massive as the main game of GTA V from which it split. What can you expect from Red Dead Online and when does it do it? Was the beta really launched?

Cut to chase

  • What is it? The online component of Western World
  • by Rockstar & apos; How can I play? PS4 or Xbox One
  • When can I play? The beta version is released in November, and the full version is likely to launch in 2019

Red Dead Online beta access

Yes, Rockstar is preparing with a beta version – the company warns to expect "turbulence" "in the release while optimizing the game, but it is a public beta, and we will have our first look at what this means very soon.

The beta version of Red Dead Online will be released sometime in November, and anyone with a copy of PS4 or Xbox One of the game will be able to access it.

This is likely to lead to a full release soon after. That may mean that it will arrive in December, or we will have to wait until the beginning of 2019 to play the full online game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online multiplayer

So what will Red Dead Redemption 2 online look like?

An official announcement for the online service said: "By using the game mode of the next Red Dead Redemption 2 as a base, Red Dead Online will be ready to be explored alone or with friends, and it will also have constant updates and adjustments to grow and evolve this experience for all players. "

There's not much more to continue, apart from Rockstar's online mode & apos; s other massive ownership of the open world. If it looks like GTA Online, we will see missions and specific missions in an alternative game world, with personalization and freer actions without the same long-term narrative consequences.

Playing with friends or making encounters with strangers is a fact, although we could see servers that restrict the number of players below GTA Online and 30 for a more curated feel.

We imagine that the game will remain comparatively grounded, and will not deviate too much from the central gaming experience. We can imagine rooms where you play poker and start fights with other players, and we can see how they quickly descend to the chaos of the bottle on the head.

The option to challenge players to fast duels, or pull thefts and train Thefts with your gang, with new missions as you are added with regular updates, probably also form a big part of the appeal.

Red Dead Online: what we want to see

Personalization of the character

The protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan, already allows an immense level of detail in the way you dress and designs its appearance. Opening a character creation tool for online mode seems like a natural step, which means you can create a cowboy avatar that really feels like you. The option of playing as a woman also seems to be a truism.

All the mini-games

We definitely hope that the mini-games can be played online with your friends: card games, knife games, drinking games, and all that other healthy fun that the cowboys they get.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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A slow, slow beat

One of the What we love about Read Dead Redemption 2 is the attentive pace, so We hope that the online mode is not too octane for the rustic jeans style. We want to make a slow trot to the living room before beating our friends in poker, or lay down in the brush while we wait to steal an incoming train, not a 6v6 death match in flaming ponies.

However, maybe some zombies

Well, as much as we love the essential experience of Read Dead, the last downloadable content of Undead Nightmare was a fantastic adventure in itself, resurrecting the dead in what looked like a serious mix of Western with a horror field. movie. Although it was too good an experiment not to be resurrected this time, we hope.

Multi-platform game

We have not seen multiplatform games for a Rockstar game before, although CEO Strauss Zelnick has been open about his desire to overcome traditional console distinctions for online gaming.

We'd love to see the owners of PS4 and Xbox One play in the wild west together, although Sony has also revealed a problem at this point in the past, even if it eventually succumbed to pressure in the Fortnite multi-platform game

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