Xbox Two: what we want to see out of a new Xbox

Over the past few years, the new Xbox was just a dream. We expected Microsoft to be working on the next Xbox, and we even suspected that might be the case, but until recently we were not sure.

Now we can say with confidence that not only is a new Xbox, the Xbox Two (also known as Xbox Scarlett), now in development, but is closer than ever to be presented.

The official story begins a few months ago when Xbox Chief Phil Spencer told the thousands of attendees at E3 2018 that the console – or, rather, the console series is in development: "Our team of hardware is deeply developed to develop the next generation of Xbox consoles, where once again we will fulfill our commitment to set the benchmark for console games. "

Since the details of Spencer's announcement have slowly accumulated around the network in the supposed system. First we got a code name, Xbox Scarlett, and now we've heard rumors of the first games that were designed for the next generation of Xbox: The Elder Scrolls 6, Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite. If all of these are thrown to the console when it launches somewhere around 2020 or 2021, it might be enough to put Microsoft back in the gaming world.

[ Update: Reports have arisen not one, but a family of Xbox Scarlett consoles on the horizon: including both the disk-based main console, called Xbox Scarlett, and a dedicated alternative exclusively to the transmission in the cloud, Xbox Scarlett Cloud.

The cloud console would probably be cheaper and have more basic hardware, enough to transmit games from Microsoft's cloud servers. If done well, it could finally put the potential of cloud games into practice. But what would a dedicated transmission console mean for players? We have more details for you below.]

While it would be nice to have a new console ready for E3 2019, the work has not gone so far that we can expect to see the console before 2019. According to Jez Corden of Windows Central, two years would be too early to wait for the new Xbox, but it's probably still compatible with the rest of the Xbox family.

Interestingly, from 2019 to 2020 is about the time when analysts predict that Sony will launch the PlayStation 5.

If you ask us, we think that it is unlikely that Microsoft will allow Sony to launch a new console without responding. It is own within a year, but we do not believe that the company tried to beat Sony in the publication that gave Microsoft its first foray into the real 4K games, has not even been in stores for even a year.

However, that will not stop us from thinking about the next Xbox and what it will bring, corroborated by the information tracked throughout the web.

Xbox Two News and Rumors

Will Contain Awesome Technology

A new job listing suggests that Microsoft is working hard on the next Xbox. The company is looking for a high-level electrical engineer to "come to be part of what follows" in Xbox hardware.

Xbox is looking for an engineer to "direct DRAM solutions for the hardware development team of the Xbox console" and added that "DRAM solutions include DDR3, GDDR5, GDDR6 and future DRAM technologies".

This person will work "Currently shipping and future Xbox design projects". Jez Corden already suggested in 2017 that the next Xbox is being designed and this gives greater credibility to that.

Andrew House talks to the next generation

Former PlayStation boss Andrew House, state speaking about the future of consoles at the GamesBeat Summit in California recently. Although House was not willing to go into details about the upcoming PlayStation, he did say he believes that physical media will be available for all consoles for some time, thanks to the need to continue entering new markets. One could assume that this is something that would also be relevant to any future Xbox console.

In his interview, House said: "I have no firm knowledge about this, but I have the feeling that you will see the record in the industry for a while, if you are going to take advantage of some of"

Despite this, House also believes that the broadcast will be important in the future of the games, an opinion that is perfectly related to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, who emphasized the need for a Netflix for video games & apos ;. This would be, one might imagine, a natural extension of Xbox's Game Pass based on downloads in the next generation .

A console only for transmission

Recent reports by Thurrott suggest that we may even see a console launch only for transmission along with the Xbox Two main line, to help establish the Microsoft's nascent broadcast model as a gaming experience of its own.

Probably would be presented as a low-cost alternative, given the reduced hardware requirements when playing games directly from the cloud, probably at a price higher than a standard transmission box but cheaper than other xbox consoles. Although it is quite safe that you need a monthly subscription to access the Xbox library.

Fortunately, all next-generation games are expected to run on both consoles (which could quickly get confused). And if Microsoft manages to solve the latency problems that are holding back the transmission model, we could really see that this disappears.

What will the new Xbox be called?

The most difficult part of this future is to try to guess what the console will be called, given the progression of denomination that has arrived before. Microsoft will not abandon the Xbox brand in the short term, surely, but the subtitle is a little harder to pin down. It is unlikely that the next Xbox will keep the code name Xbox Scarlett.

If it's a new generation of consoles, it would make sense to call it Xbox Two, but Xbox 720 created a retrospectively disconcerting sense in a moment so let's not be too sure about that. We would not be surprised at all if an Xbox Zero, or even Infinite, took a sheet of the next Halo game.

The rumored console can also get rid of the numeric names: Xbox Cloud, anyone?

What will the new Xbox be capable of?

What is a bit easier is to predict the features that will probably appear on this new Xbox.

The Xbox One X is a big step forward for Microsoft, which offers native 4K games and almost PC power in a console. It is currently the most powerful console on the market, so where can Microsoft go from here?

A powerful console focused on games

We like to think that Microsoft has learned many lessons from the Hard launch of the Xbox One. The Xbox One did not have the advantage of being the only console option HD on the market as the Xbox 360, and also its launch ended up being affected by a Kinect package that raised its price much more than it should have been. [19659002] As a result, the PlayStation 4 took (and has maintained) a dominant advantage in terms of market share.

Microsoft has definitely addressed many of these problems with the Xbox One X. It's a piece of hardware that focuses almost entirely on games, and is not included with any superfluous hardware. In fact, Microsoft has gone so far as to leave the port of Kinect completely. We imagine that this approach will continue in the future.

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Budget and premium options

With the One S and the One X Microsoft is adopting an iterative and a stepped model. The company is not only releasing increasingly better pieces of hardware, it also supports previous versions of the console and allows them to exist as budget options.

As an example, the One X is still expensive (much more than the PS4 Pro), but the Xbox One S is still presented as a valuable scalable 4K alternative with an attractive price that will still be able to play all the same games, not only of this generation but also of the previous generation.

However, after each console has had the opportunity to be the budget model, each of them disappears in the dark. We have already seen this with the original Xbox One, and it is likely that the Xbox Two will finally have the same effect on the Xbox One S.

We believe that Microsoft may want a certain degree of market saturation for the Xbox One X (or at least 4K TV) before launching the Xbox Two, but when the console starts, it is less likely to feel like the same jump that occurred when moving from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

An additional console focused on streaming could also be a low-cost alternative, given the reduced hardware requirements needed for the cloud-based game.

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Trial and error, instead of a leap into the unknown

In some senses, we feel that it is reasonable to assume that we are going to be fed by drip slowly much of the technology that will end up in the Xbox Two .

This has the great advantage of allowing Microsoft to establish what works and what does not work over time instead of having to take a big leap of faith with a completely new piece of hardware.

Support for VR and AR is likely

We have learned that certain things are not important for consoles of this generation, such as motion detection and touch screen, but new technologies such as VR and AR are

Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox One X will be compatible with Windows 10 mixed and virtual reality headsets, but it is not forcing them to push them. They were notably absent from the presentation of the console at E3 2017 and we still have many questions.

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If PlayStation VR continues to grow in strength, we expect Microsoft to be clearer about the Xbox One X posture in these headphones and much more active about developing the technology for his successor. Xbox Two could very well be the HoloLens console. If the technology fails, Microsoft can easily eliminate it from its next generation plans like the Kinect, but much more clearly and less to the detriment of the initial sales.

Meanwhile, if the 4K images of Xbox One X do not make the console attractive. As much as Microsoft expects them to do so, we do not doubt that they remain a feature of the Xbox Two, but they may not be the main focus of marketing.

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The latest and best audiovisual technology

Recently, Microsoft has been very interested in integrating the latest audiovisual technologies in its consoles: support for Dolby Atmos, 4K and HDR. This is something that we can see continuing in the next generation.

It is clear that Microsoft wants games on Xbox to be a complete sensory experience and it is possible that the next console includes some kind of projection system similar to the Ariana Project that Razer presented at CES 2017 where the game environments were extended beyond the screen and even the player's room With something like this, Xbox Two has the potential to be an immersive gaming machine and we already know that a similar technology was being considered in the Illumiroom project in 2013.

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An increasingly cross-platform ecosystem

In the way that Nintendo is closing the gap between its portable and home console divisions, we can see Microsoft bringing the users of your PC and console closer while we move on the Xbox Two.

The multi-platform game, accounts and digital purchases are being promoted in the Windows 10 and Xbox stores, and this is something that we can see in that Microsoft continues to pressure the new generation, especially if it will continue to manufacture consoles that They have -Specifications of the PC. However, Sony has said with vehemence that it will not participate in multiplatform games with consoles of the competition.

Learning from the PC

It is likely that the new Xbox has more than one Steam-esque interface that puts the games first and does not confuse the client. Also important is a system with a more indie and more friendly approach to the mods (we are already seeing this with Indie @ Xbox), and if the consumer base of the console does not match the console updates mid-life cycle , maybe one more piece per PC. Approach with more interchangeable parts will be in order.

When will the next Xbox be released?

So we know we have another console (or two), but how soon will it really be with the Xbox One in its first year?

Rumors suggest Microsoft is planning a 2020 version, which would be only 3 years after the iterative Xbox One X, but 7 years after the Xbox One hit the market for the first time and maybe it's a good time to spend to the new generation. Even if the reports are reliable, we still expect this to be pushed in early 2021, although if the PS5 was launched earlier, it is likely that Microsoft does not want to be far behind.

With the constant and considered steps of Microsoft The creation and the way in which the company seems to be listening to the comments of its users more than ever, we anticipate that the Xbox Two could be its most considered release so far. Meanwhile, a lot depends on the Xbox One X.

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