Google Maps’ ETA sharing feature hits iOS

If you are going to meet someone, there are many ways to inform you about your location and your estimated arrival. Chat applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE and iMessage, for example, offer functionality to share the location, while navigation applications such as Waze and CityMapper and even travel-sharing apps such as Uber offer ETA live update. Now, the ETA feature of Google Maps finally reaches iOS. The feature is also receiving some adjustments after last year's launch on Android, the company says.

In May of 2017, Google Maps first introduced its own location and exchange of ETA.

From a "Share Location" In the main navigation bar of the application, you can choose how long you want to share your location and with whom to share it, the latter from a set of frequent contacts or by entering the name, number or email of Someone to extract it from your address book.

Then, from the navigation screen, another option called "Progress of the shared trip" allows users to share your ETA live with others when they start your trip.

Today, Google brings this ETA feature to Google Maps on iOS.

To test it, tap the button once navigation has started, then tap "Share The progress of the trip "allows you to share with your favorite contacts your live location, route and your ETA, as before.

However, the function has also been improved with today's launch for permit go sharing third-party applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE and others. That makes it easier to include in text message conversations and chat groups, which are probably already underway.

The function works for driving, walking and cycling, says Google. Now it's live on iOS and Android.

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