Apple software reportedly bricks third-party MacBook Pro repairs

If you find something strange about your new and exciting new MacBook Pro, you may not want to contact your nearest Apple Apple repair shop. The motherboard cites an internal Apple document that states that the latest MacBook Pro models have a software lock installed to prevent third parties from successfully performing repair work on their notebooks.

This document is from an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This program is intended for MacBook Pro users who are unable to use the & # 39; Will be rendered as. This policy also applies to iMac Pro, because only Mac computers with Apple's T2 coprocessor are considered policies.

If your Apple hardware repair shop is not part of our Authorized Service Provider program, you do not have access to Apple Service Toolkit 2, the required software known as & # 39; Apple Service Toolkit 2 & # 39 ;.

This software is designed to ensure that all computer components function properly. If your computer is connected to Apple's cloud server and needs to be sent directly from Apple: Global Service Exchange (GSX)

In particular, on motherboards, you should see a list of documents according to the type of MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, I will. For laptops, replacing the display, logic board, upper case (including the keyboard, touch pad, and its housing) and the touch ID board will activate the software lock, but will be enabled in the iMac Pro after you replace the logical board or flash storage device.

Do you want to repair? You can better understand Apple.

Independent hardware repair shops not only can not repair the new MacBook Pro or iMac Pro, they can not fix the problem themselves, nor can they directly fix it. , If you have the ability to think so.

This means that even if you void the warranty to install one of the parts listed above, it is not possible with this machine.

It 's 19 states will fly directly in the face of the growing' Right to Repair 'movement in the US, which has legislation to support this movement.

Apple should not be surprised that Apple has been actively opposed to the movement, according to the records of New York State public lobbying provided by the motherboard.

Apple also offers custom upgraded soldering memory and NVMe SSD custom controllers for their Macs.

Apple has not yet responded publicly to the motherboard report. As a result, you will not experience any problems with your new MacBook Pro or iMac Pro. Especially if you do not have an Apple authorized repair shop nearby.

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