Darkness Rise Mod Apk v 1.5.0 GOD Mode

This year, the game of dungeons got the real name of "Darkness Rise mod apk", play the most epic dungeon game ever created for Smartphone with great graphics. The beautiful story that hypnotizes you until the level ends. Involve your enemy to the end with your skill set and power that you will get during the level cleanup.

So, are you ready for Dark Rise?

Darkness Rise Description

Darkness Rise
Publisher [19659006] Nexon Company
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 89 M
Current Version Last updated
Sep 19, 19/9] 2018
Size of the files mod 97 M

Darkness Rise Features

  • RPG action game with super graphics
  • Boss Fight
  • PVP and PVE
  • Epic Dungeon Raids
  • Choose from four heroes

Darkness Rise Mod Apk Features

  • Unlock all stats for a warrior hero
  • Unlock all the skills of the warrior hero
  • ] Get 999,999 coins in your account
  • Get 9999 diamonds in your account [19659025] Darkness Rise tips and tricks

    Tip 1 # Choose your hero according to your game mode

    The first import What you should choose is your hero, who li it will derail the entire campaign and eliminate all levels. You will be given four options according to the need of the game

    • Guerrero
    • Magician
    • Berserker
    • Assassin

    What do you need to know to choose the right character?

    All the characters have some special pros and cons that you should check before opting for any character. Just pay attention to the left side of the screen for its capabilities. There are five capacities in which each hero is the judge; are the ones indicated below

    • Difficulty
    • ATK (attack)
    • DEF (defense)
    • HP (health related)
    • ATK SPD (attack specialty)

    Review all these abilities and choose your hero according to your tastes.

    Tip 2 # Choose the right skills

    So, you have decided which hero will guide you in the war; The next difficult decision will be to choose the right skills for your hero. Darkness Rise game needs two types of skills for your hero, they are

    • The required skill for PVP (people)
    • The required skill for PVE (people Environment)

    Therefore, you need to balance skills to equip your hero, and you must choose the skill with intelligence so that your character can surpass all levels and Search.

    Tip 3 # Choose the right stats for your hero

    One of the most important things you should remember is to choose the right stats for your hero. You must review all available statistics for your hero and choose according to your levels and needs. Always remember to choose the statistics that your hero is missing, there are many beginnings that you can update. Some of them are the following

    • ATK
    • DEF
    • HP
    • Activation of critic
    • Decrease in DMG [19659021] DEF Pen

    Tip 4 # Improve your Gears

    Gears are The most important aspect in the game after your weapons and skills. You need to constantly update your gears so you can erase all your levels. You can buy your gears, or you can win by completing different modes in the game.

    • You can get gears when you complete the missions
    • you need to play in adventure mode
    • Play in duo-dungeon or raid mode [19659021] Clear all main chapters of the chest
    • Complete the story mode

    ] Tip 5 # Log in daily to get candy from the game

    You must log in daily in Darkness Rise to get goodies from the game that will help you get some items that can help you. cleaning the levels of the game. If you do not want to play the growing darkness on weekdays, make a point by just logging in to get great treats.

    You can get customs and another game accessory from Darkness Rise Mod apk that will help you level up your game. [19659045] Tip 6 # Make use of Blacksmith

    Blacksmith is the main character that helps you create objects with your weapons or shields. You must always give the task to the blacksmith to create different game elements. Always remember to give the task to the blacksmith so you can relax and play the game. You can do these things with the help of a blacksmith

    • Fuse Gear
    • Fuse Jewels
    • Fuse Runes
    • Craft
    • Craft Polish
    Final Thought

    If you want to experience great gameplay, then you can choose Darkness Rise. You can check our Darkness Rise mod apk for information on different products you can get by using this apk.

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