Amazon’s revamped Alexa app makes it easier to manage your smart home

The Alexa application from Amazon has just received an important visual review, mainly focused on helping users configure and control their smart home. From the application's new device tab, users can see all of their different Alexa-enabled devices and groups on one screen, instead of switching between tabs as before. And the application is much more colorful, too. Instead of a set of white icons on a dark background, groups of Alexa devices, such as Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, etc., now have colorful backgrounds, so you can find the one you need at a glance .

A review of the device section was necessary, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because Alexa owners are storing their home with more than one smart device.

According to a Nielsen report on the adoption of smart speakers published earlier this month, 4 out of 10 US Loudspeaker owners today have more than one device, for example. Sales of smart home devices are also expected to reach almost $ 96 billion in 2018 and increase to $ 155 billion by 2023, according to another report.

Amazon sells a variety of smart devices, such as Cloud Cam, Ringtones and Ring Cameras. And he just presented a whole series of new Alexa-enabled devices at an event in Seattle last month, which ranges from wall clocks to subwoofers and microwaves powered by Alexa.

It is clear that the retailer expects that people continue to build their smart home, and their application needed to adapt accordingly.

In the new version of the application, the device types are shown as icons at the top of the screen, starting with the "Echo and Alexa" devices, then "Lights", "Audio "," Plugs "and others. Below this are the colorful groups of devices per room, each with its own "On / Off" button.

A small "+" button at the top right of the screen also allows you to easily add your newest device. [19659002] The addition of Bluetooth speakers to multi-room music groups is now also supported, says the update text of the application.

The redesign also makes it easier to call, send messages or "place" on your other Alexa devices, the latter is the function that converts Echo speakers into a voice-controlled intercom system, activated by "Alexa, drop on … "followed by the name of the device. It is especially useful for larger houses, where there is a floor up and down, for example, or to reach family members in another part of the house. You can also enter trusted contacts, such as grandma or grandpa.

Now, each of these communication options has its own button at the top of the messaging screen in the application, so you can press a button to call, send a message or drop as you prefer.

The new Alexa application is available in the iOS app store. Amazon has not made a formal announcement about the changes, as they are still being implemented for users after the update.

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