Royal Enfield Classic 500 'Pegasus' bike, based on legendary World War II era model, launched in UK

Royal Enfield launched a new limited edition model of its classic motorcycle on Monday. This limited edition model is inspired by the World War II bicycle used by British troops. The Classic 500 & # 39; Pegasus & # 39; is inspired by the legendary RE / WD Flying Flea 125 motorcycle, which was manufactured in the underground facilities of Royal Enfield in Westwood, United Kingdom, during the war.

With only 1,000 units available worldwide, only 190 Royal Enfield Classic 500 & # 39; Pegasus & # 39; will be available in Britain. Pegasus online booking will be open from July at a price of 4,999 pounds.

"The history of Flying Flea is both remarkable and inspiring, and has a history like no other motorcycle," said Royal Enfield CEO. Siddhartha Lal after a great launching ceremony in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

Describing the Classic 500 Pegasus as a tribute to Royal Enfield's legendary war stories and resilience and pedigree, he said: "Rugged military motorcycles have been an integral part of Royal Enfield's heritage and continue to this day, While we strive to build classic, simple and durable motorcycles, he added, "our machines have played an important role in both world wars, gaining a reputation for resistance in the harshest conditions."

Royal Enfield, which proclaims itself as The oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, produced ammunition, artillery equipment and motorcycles during both world wars, still continues to supply motorcycles to the Indian armed forces.

Each of the 1000 new Classic 500 Pegasus motorcycles comes with a blue and brown Pegasus emblem, the official logo of the Parachute Regiment in the combustion tank stible together with an individual stencil serial number.

These limited edition motorcycles will be painted in the war colors of Service Brown and Olive Drab Green, except in India, where only Service Brown will be available.

The Pegasus motorcycle brands are based on an authentic World War II Flying Flea used by the Flight Company number 250 (Airborne), now in the official collection of Royal Enfield at the United Kingdom's Technology Center. the company.

Each limited edition motorcycle will come with a custom-made military-style canvas saddlebag with the Pegasus logo. Each motorcycle will have authentic brands of military motorcycles, including brown handlebar handles, a leather strap with brass buckles on the air filter, mufflers, rims, kickstart, pedals and headlight bezel to complete the appearance of the period. Royal Enfield, which is now a division of Eicher Motors in India, made its first motorcycle in 1901.

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