Scuf’s new PS4 controller adds wireless play and new customizable side buttons

The maker of custom game controllers Scuf today announces a new custom PlayStation 4 peripheral that has two additional buttons. The device is also Scuf's first PS4 wireless controller for the US market. UU And Canada. In the absence of an official controller manufactured by Sony in the line of Microsoft's Xbox One Elite, this new Scuf model is the closest thing to a professional gamepad you can get for the PS4. Other options include the Hori Onyx wireless and the pair of professional game models officially licensed by Razer and Nacon.

The new product line, called Scuf Vantage, has two buttons called "sax" that are described as "unique mounted laterally to the right and left" and located on both sides of the controller next to the existing bumper and trigger buttons.

The controller also introduces some new features in Scuf's PS4 line of games, including a new audio control option to adjust the volume and mute multiple sound sources through the PS4's touch bar. Sucf says that the Vantage will also come with a removable faceplate to facilitate personalization of thumbsticks and other aesthetic options.

Image: Scuf Gaming

The device is not that different from Scuf's current PS4 line, which includes the standard Scuf Infinity Pro and the four-blade Scuf Impact, a bit more expensive. With the Vantage, you get the same set of custom hardware plug-ins to reassign key commands to the back of the controller. In addition to that, the new "sax" side buttons will add an additional layer of customization for players who really want to try and replicate the full range of input commands that the keyboard and mouse combo allows.

The Scuf Vantage is ready for pre-order in a cable-only option for $ 169.95 and a Bluetooth wireless for $ 199.95. At the moment, Scuf is only selling the device in the United States and Canada.

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