Logitech G560 Lightsync Speakers Review

What are the Logitech G560 speakers?

The Logitech G560 is designed to be the ideal set of gaming speakers, offering a compact design, powerful sound and RGB lighting that reacts to game events.

practice, they are a bit mixed. The audio quality is too serious from the start, and while it can be dramatically improved with the software equalizer, I could never achieve a balanced sound. This will not be a big problem for games, but it can be less than ideal for music and general use.

There are many good reasons to buy the G560, but, unfortunately, there are also many reasons not to do so. , Which is a shame.

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Logitech G560 Speakers – Design, construction and features

The G560 package consists of three speakers, with two stereo units that are sit on your desk and a large subwoofer that resides on the floor. Each desktop speaker has a circular design that is supported by an integrated stand. I'm a big fan of design here, since not only are these speakers attractive, they're also compact.

Things get more interesting on the back of the tweeters, though: this is where you'll discover Logitech's RGB integration of lighting, with a large dome that intensely paints your wall with color. You will also find controls for volume, power, Bluetooth and RGB lighting.

The subwoofer connects directly to a wall outlet, housing all connections to bring the system to life. You will find VGA jacks for the left and right speakers, and USB and 3.5 mm jacks for connecting to a PC. Logitech has also carefully included Bluetooth connectivity, and this will work at the same time as the other connections. This is ideal for quickly shooting some tunes from your mobile phone while waiting for a game to load, or requesting an Amazon Echo Dot for currency conversion while filing your tax return.

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Logitech G560 speakers – Audio quality

These speakers can have a lot of fancy tricks up their sleeve, but the most important thing is always it will be the raw audio quality. And that, perhaps, leads to my biggest problem with the G560: these speakers are unacceptably low.

Now, everyone has different preferences, of course, and there are many users who want to increase the volume of the battery. low. However, in its default state, the thud of these units eliminates everything at a fairly comical level.

Fortunately, you can address this in the software. However, the G560 really should not be sent that way, and a manual control dial on the subwoofer would make the process of changing those levels much easier. I am surprised that this has passed the quality control of Logitech.

Once you've altered the bass to a more normal level, you'll still get an exaggerated kick to music, movies and games, but I'd bet the average player would be quite happy with the signature of the sound.

It's not for purists, and if you mainly listen to music, then there are better alternatives. However, it is ideal for games, since shots and explosions sound even more poignant thanks to the low levels. However, if you live in a thin-walled house, I will add that these speakers will cause problems with neighbors.

A rather strange problem that I have also encountered in USB mode is that the volume controls do not work as well as they should. Sometimes, the volume increases in small increments, but in other occasions increases in significant jumps. For example, setting 12 is a bit silent for my taste, but 14 is too loud. The setting 13, meanwhile, is identical to 14. This makes it very difficult to achieve the perfect volume, and it is very frustrating when it comes to making quick adjustments to the audio.

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There is also a rare problem with static interference caused by Bluetooth, where turning on the speakers will generate an audible buzz. It can be easily rectified by turning the speakers off and on, but it is no less frustrating.
Logitech G560 speakers: RGB software and lighting

The G560s are controlled by Logitech Gaming software, which is simple enough to navigate, but may not be as feature-rich as Corsair's CUE. There are many controls for signing the sound (including the preset & # 39; Drop The Bass & # 39;) and you can adjust the RGB lighting to match the color scheme you prefer.

The lighting itself is very bright and colorful, and while there are numerous independent effects to choose from, things become interesting by allowing integrations in the game.

These allow the speakers to be controlled from the game you are playing, opening a new range of possibilities. Some are bright, unpleasant and impractical, but there are some real gems; My personal favorite is the effects of the Smite cooling timer, which are visually displayed when a skill is ready to be used.

My biggest complaint is that all this can be quite annoying, and while the photos and YouTube videos will make it seem incredible, in practical terms, it's not exactly where I'd like it to be.

For example, I love having a soft white polarization lighting behind my monitor, but I would also like to convey useful comments about the game's events. The number of compatible games is increasing, but currently there is no level of control broken down to raise this from imprudent to invaluable.

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Why? buy the Logitech G560 Speakers?

The Logitech G560 are clearly a very specific product. Having flashing RGB lights that far surpass any keyboard or mouse will certainly draw a lot of attention. It's a shame, then, that Logitech seems to have made some fundamental mistakes that could have been avoided with a little more user testing. A software update can correct many of the problems.
Then there's the high price tag. Although this could be considered reasonable for this unique package, there is certainly a better audio quality available at the same price.

Having said all that, the G560 has a lot of success. If you're looking for powerful, compact headphones that add a flare to your gaming setup, the Logitech G560 Lightsync Loudspeakers are an excellent choice.


Bright, bold and low: the G560 are sure to pack a punch.

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