Listening to music all day can damage your hearing, so be mindful of your volume levels

I listen to some type of audio most of the day, be it music, a YouTube video or a podcast. I also go to concerts sometimes and many times I end up ringing in my ears later. My parents have warned me to be careful with hearing damage, but I am distressed and I never want to believe my parents, so I called some doctors to determine how bad the headphones and loud sounds can damage our ears.

It's true that headphones can be harmful, especially if you listen to music out loud, but you probably will not notice it until it's too late. The buzzing in your ears is an obvious sign of damage you will never want to experience.

Certain types of headphones, such as noise canceling or noise isolating, could be useful, as long as you do not use them to block through external noise while also ruining your music. Generally, try to be aware of how hard you play your music and for how long you are doing it. Maybe try some time without sound. Also, if other people can hear what you're playing, your music is definitely too loud.