Windows 10’s new preview adds screen grabbing tricks and a neat touch for gamers

Microsoft has released a new preview version of Windows 10 that contains a number of changes, including a new twist in the screenshot and a small but useful Focus Assist setting that players will appreciate.

Build 17661 is for Redstone 5, the update is expected to arrive towards the end of the year (what we could anticipate will be called exciting, say, Windows Update November 10, 2018). It has been delivered to those in the 'fast ring', as well as to the testers & # 39; jump forward & # 39; (and from now on, those in the 'fast ring' will receive RS5 versions, after the release of the April 2018 Update).

In this compilation, Microsoft is offering what it describes as a "modern cutting experience," which aims to allow you to capture the screen more effectively, and take notes with scribbles.

You can now press the "Windows" + Shift + S (key or you can change this simply by pressing Print Screen, or a pencil button, if you have a stylus) to generate a clipping toolbar that will It allows you to take a full screen capture, or cut out a rectangle or a free form. This is placed directly on the clipboard, and a notification appears allowing you to quickly open the Screen Sketch application with your clipping inside (allowing you to write it down and so on).

Yes, Screen Sketch has become a standalone application – it was previously part of the Windows Ink Workspace – which means you get all the benefits of being an application, like Microsoft store updates, support for multiple windows and, in fact, several tabs within Sets.

Speaking of Sets, this is the new feature of Microsoft that takes the concept of tabs from the web browser to the wider desktop interface, and the testers of & # 39; jump forward & # 39; they have been playing with him for several versions now. They will continue to do so, and most of the new testers & # 39; fast ring & # 39; now they will also get Sets, although for the moment, a minority will not. Presumably that will change in time.

Afford focus

And players will appreciate that Focus Assist, the "do not disturb" mode that eliminates notifications, formerly known as Quiet Hours, automatically turns on when you're playing a (19659009) Windows 10 Acrylic "class =" lazy-image lazy-image-loading lazyload optional-image "onerror =" this.parentNode.replaceChild (window.missingImage (), this) "sizes =" auto "data-normal =" /techradar/media/img/missing-image.svg "data-src =" "data-srcset =" https: // cdn / iL6gzkzhN79fp59TXyyFYb-320-80.jpg 320w, 650w "data-sizes =" auto "data- original-mos = "" data-pin-media = "" />

In addition, Microsoft has advanced with the interface of Fluent Design, and Task View now obt It has the benefit of acrylic (a nifty blur effect for the background).

The Windows Defender Security Center also received a shorter name: Windows Security. Big changes are on the way here, with promises of improvements from Microsoft in terms of presenting actions that demand user attention.

In addition to that, there is the usual large list of general adjustments and corrections, which you can summarize in its entirety. if you want to read the Microsoft blog post carefully.

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