Even Facebook is designing its own processors, says a new report

According to reports, Facebook is designing its own processor hardware to reduce dependence on partners such as Intel and Qualcomm in their device efforts. The news comes through anonymous sources talking about Bloomberg and apparent job listings.

The outlet reports that Facebook is currently in the early stages of building a team to design silicon semiconductors, an "end-to-end SoC / ASIC", firmware and "In fact, that job is still posted on the Facebook's online dashboard at the time of writing Bloomberg suspects that Facebook could use these chips in future efforts of devices, artificial intelligence software and server hardware.Perhaps the delayed speaker of Facebook uses one of the chips of Facebook

Hidden in sight

It's interesting to see that Facebook is still openly hiring this post with the news from a team of extremely accurate leak reporters. [19659002] It seems that the job requires a person skilled in technology of processors in many applications, but particularly in IA and machine learning in or through mobile on-chip systems (SoC). are popularly behind intelligent speakers.

Maybe Facebook wants to control where the data lives on these devices, even more directly with its own silicon in front of a third party. After all, what Facebook does with such data is under greater scrutiny than ever.

Facebook declined to comment on the Bloomberg report.

In any case, it is now revealed that Facebook is working to develop its own processors for AI purposes and machine learning through SoC.

What that means for the future of Facebook products is unknown, maybe this has something to do with future versions of the Oculus Go VR headset. A career with silicon developed by Facebook could possibly gain an inherent advantage to Nintendo's performance, with the hardware and software in harmony.

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