Windows Defender Extension Enhances Chrome's Security

Chrome provides decent security measures, but that did not stop Microsoft from releasing an extension, called Windows Defender's Browser Protection, that augments those tools.

You're probably wondering: "Why the hell would you want Windows? Defender in Chrome?" According to one study, Windows Defender technology, which is used by Microsoft Edge, is better for protecting users against phishing attacks that the basic version of Chrome.


How much better? On a page that promotes the extension, Microsoft notes that Edge (with Windows Defender) blocks 99 percent of attacks phishing, while Chrome only identifies 87 percent of them.This statistic comes from NSS Labs 2017 Web Browser Security Comparative Reports.

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Available to download here, Windows Defender's browser protection aims to block it from accessing pages it identifies as insecure, ranging from pages with phishing attacks to another s trying to install dangerous or malicious programs in your system.

Like Chrome, the Microsoft extension has a large red window to indicate that you have tried to open a dangerous page, and it offers a large "Back to Security" button that works just as well as clicking the Back button.

Windows Defender is having a good year, as it has been rated as well as competitors like Kaspersky Lab Internet Security to protect Windows 7 users.

There seems to be no reason not to use the extension, since Ars Technica reports that Windows Defender does not seem to disable Chrome's security features. Think of it as additional protection against the dangers lurking online.

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