Best WordPress sitemap plugins and their list for websites

The WordPress Site Map plugin and its list are provided for you to check out.

All digital products must include a website or blog for search engine-optimized performance. In today’s reality, it’s important to communicate seamlessly with search engines and make them more visible and accessible to the public.

Sitemaps are one of the key elements of any website that involves and enhances SEO success in the most efficient way.

Apart from the promotion site map mentioned above, you can provide all the websites separately and you will also get other useful results including easier and more comfortable navigation for all the website users.

In this article, we will look at a list of the best sitemap plug-ins that have made every effort to ensure that website owners have a site-based sitemap on their web pages. SEO is a result on the one hand, and on the other hand it contributes to smooth and sophisticated search performance.

1. Yoast

The first Sitemap solution that can be provided to all Web site personnel is a plugin called Sitemap, More than once installed. This plug-in is easily available, flexible, smart, intuitive and easy to use, pagelist, subpages, siblings and pagelist_ext short code added to the page.

2. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemap:

Adding the sitemap feature to your online profile is the next amazingly reliable The plugin is a better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps plugin. Sitemap index, Mutli-site, Google News, and image sitemaps. Although the plug-in has been developed to meet all of the current requirements of the WordPress community, it must be very simple and lightweight to activate and configure, and minimize the effort and time spent on these processes.


Next Best Practices Site Map Friendly plugins simplify the management of all your website sitemaps. The Sitemap index adds virtual ads that are served as XML. Automatically generate sitemap and sitemap indexes. Some of the basic features of this plugin include a simple and quick installation process, the ability to create posts, pages, tags and category Sitemaps, separate sitemaps for different parts, and options for setting up multiple links per sitemap.

4. Sitemap Generator:

Sitemap Generator is another plugin that is currently available and is very useful and practical. This is the best site-map plug-in list. kidney.

5. Sitemap page Embed:

Another well supported and well-optimized product that supports WordPress related websites is the Sitemap Page Embed allows you to add a site-based Sitemap to your tynamce button or insert short code Needed through web pages. This plug-in does not support XML format, but uses a human-readable format.

6. One Click XML Sitemap:

Install XML Sitemap with one click And easy to apply, your website will be given full sitemap potential. All web presence is very important for online. This plugin instantly adds an XML-based sitemap to all websites and is accessible from all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

7. RPS Sitemap Generator:

RPS Sitemap Generator is a simple, yet easy to use XML sitemap generator that makes all relevant changes to the user and administrator friendly interface. Please check before updating your Sitemap. This exceptional plug-in is designed for multi-use and has a separate sitemap for each online profile.

8. Image Sitemap:

As the name of the Image Sitemap plugin indicates, the automatic or manual installation process makes it easy to use and manage the product You can create a kind of Google XML image sitemap. The latter makes it easier to access the image search engine and generates higher search results.

XML Sitemap and Google News Feed:

Safe, secure, lightweight, easy to use, user and developer friendly and feature rich XML And Google News Sitemap The creation tools on your WordPress website are XML Sitemaps and Google News Feeds. This practical site-based sitemap tool is generated with its multi-site and WMPL compatibility attributes, along with feeds for XML Sitemaps and Google News Sitemaps.

10. BestWebSoft’s Google Sitemap:

Google Sitemaps written by BestWebSoft were created to share best features and ease of use. This plugin makes it easy and professional to set up and verify the Google SiteMap feature on your website and add sites, pages, post categories, post tags, custom post types, and custom classifications to your sitemap.

11. Simple WP Sitemap:

Due to its simplicity and brilliance, flexibility and usability, and intuitive and smart manipulation features, Why do you have to be creative and rely on relevant markets? The requested search engine friendly status can be reached. This plug-in allows you to add XML and HTML-based sitemaps to your WordPress-related website.

12. Simple Sitemap:

A more simple and easy, essentially responsive, The Map plugin list is a simple Sitemap. Insert relevant shortcuts as needed for your posts, pages, custom publishing types, and let the plug-in do the rest.

13. Google Sitemap Generator:

Google XML Sitemaps ready to act as Google Sitemap Generator Your Web You can crawl your destination website more efficiently by adding it to your site and submitting it to Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

14. WP Sitemap Page:

The WP Sitemap Page plug-in allows you to add a Sitemap to your web page The simplest way to provide website SEO results and perfect navigation. The plug-in has many built-in features such as the ability to display all pages, posts and categories, custom post types, and taxonomies, or to display only one content type.

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