TikTok surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube in downloads last month

ByteDance's 2017 acquisition of the social application for adolescents and adolescents focused on teenagers is paying off. The company this year merged Musical.ly with its own application of short videos TikTok as a means to enter the US market. Today, the result of that merger is at the top of the US App Store. UU., Ahead of Facebook. More importantly, it recently outperformed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in monthly installs for the first time in September.

According to data from the Sensor Tower application intelligence firm, the TikTok installations were superior to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in the United States last month.

It outperformed the other four applications in terms of daily downloads on September 29, with 29.7 percent of downloads from this application cohort, the firm says.

[19659002] Since then, it has continued to increase its market share among this group of applications, reaching 42.4 percent of downloads between applications a few days ago, on October 30.

In September, TikTok facilities grew about 31 percent from the previous month to reach approximately 3.81 million in the App Store and Google Play combined. This exceeded Facebook's number 2, which had 3.53 million installations for the first time.

Year after year, TikTok facilities in the United States increased 237 percent from 1.13 million in October 2017.

As floods of new users join TikTok, the application has also flirted with passing some of these leading social applications in the Top Charts of the App Store, sometimes, too. Today, it is ahead of Facebook (No. 7) and Messenger (No. 5) since it is in the No. 4 position, for example. But it's behind YouTube (No. 1), Instagram (No. 2) and Snapchat (No. 3).

However, on other occasions, it has reached No. 3 in the main table of free applications in general, according to the Annie application data.

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The Apptopia application researcher reports similar findings, in terms of the increase in TikTok. However, he noted that the participation rates of the application (the part of the monthly users who open the application daily) was still behind the rest of the group. Apptopia said TikTok had a 29 percent participation rate, compared to 96 percent for Facebook, 95 percent for Instagram, 95 percent for Snapchat and 95 percent for YouTube.

He also pointed out that the profits of the application come, in part, from the increase in advertising investment in Facebook. The Google AdMob mobile advertising platform, the advertising platform in the Vungle application and others.

In June, TikTok (known as Douyin in China) reported that it reached a monthly monthly number of active users of 500 million in 150 countries and regions, which is roughly the time when Instagram reached one billion monthly. assets, for the sake of comparison.

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