The best DualShock 4 deals in November 2018: cheap PS4 controller prices

If you've already gotten a great offer from PS4, now is the time to find a super cheap PS4 controller price so you always have an additional DualShock 4 controller at hand. This is crucial if you plan long game sessions and need a backup driver that is loaded and ready. Also, you always want to have one available for a small local multi-player action.

The stories of the PlayStation and DualShock controllers are intertwined, with the driver almost from the start of the PlayStation brand. Instead of constantly fiddling with the design and features of the DualSchock, Sony has kept much of the dual analog design the same. Now, we have been treated to an iconic driver that has been achieved almost perfectly.

To date, more than 75 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold, but most packages offer only one DualShock 4 controller in the box. Of course, to participate in local multiplayer games, you need more than one controller. Also, having a spare is a good idea to have it always loaded for those long game sessions.

To help you get the most out of your PlayStation, we've rounded up the cheapest prices for the PS4 controller right here. We have also selected the best offers for the different colors.

The cheapest prices for PS4 drivers by color:

One of the highlights of the DualShock family is that it has a wide variety of impressive colors available. We have also curated a list of the most tempting offers of DualShock 4 for the various color variations found below. Naturally, these cheap prices of the PS4 drivers are correct at the time of writing.

  Offers from the cheap Dualshock 4 Ps4 drivers

More from the best prices of DualShock 4 – USA

Gray / Blue DualShock 4: This will be your best bet if you already have a PS4 and are close to the same color driver as the Uncharted 4 Special Edition console package. It has increased its price in recent weeks and can save money by opting for a different color. However, if you have to have it, Amazon is the cheapest today at $ 60.83 (used) .

Urban Camo DualShock 4: This model is a rare find in most retailers expect higher prices than most models. The best price today for the Urban Camo DualShock 4 is $ 74.99 on Amazon .

Crystal DualShock 4: The clear Crystal DualShock 4 finally has an official release from the US. UU We have searched for the best price and that will be $ 79.95 on Amazon .

Blue Crystal DualShock 4: This new channel is in DualShock blue. Controller 4 is exclusive to Walmart in the United States. Therefore, you will not find any other retailer that officially sells it out of places like eBay or Amazon Marketplace. However, today, it is cheaper at $ 59.94 at Walmart .

  Dualshock 4 Ps4 controller offers

Over the best prices for DualShock 4 – UK

Urban Camo DualShock 4: This is a bit weird to find in most retailers , so expect higher prices than most models. The current best price for Urban Camo is £ 75 on Amazon .

Crystal DualShock 4: Crystal? Well, it's seeing through. Apparently, it's also an Amazon exclusive. His new Crystal DualShock 4 is now from £ 51.96 on Amazon .

DualShock gray / blue 4: This looks like the same color driver as the Uncharted 4 Special Edition console package. This will be your best bet if you already have a PS4. We've seen it for just £ 45, but unfortunately the best offer today is a pretty untouchable price £ 84 on Amazon .

What is the difference between the original DualShock 4 V2 controller and the new one? ?

If you've seen a mention of an & apos; New & apos; or & apos; V2 & apos; The DualShock 4 controller while searching for a new pad, may be scratching its head. What separates these two controllers?

Here's the difference: the new / V2 DualShock 4 was released together with the PS4 Slim and presents some improvements over the original.

Some listings are a bit vague, but the clearest visual indicator to consider is the new lightbar on the DualShock trackpad & apos; s 4. This thin slit was not in the original, so just look for the blue line dimly lit in the image gallery of the product list. The original blue / red / gold drivers had black plastic on the back half of the controller, but the V2 versions have matching colors, albeit with a darker tone.

Other improvements include USB functionality, which allows players to connect the controller for the delay. – free games (simply loaded the original), which could give you the advantage in online shooting games or games like Street Fighter V. You can also use this enhanced connectivity to use the DualShock 4 on a PC without having to pay for the Adapter bluetooth The rubber on the analogs has been improved (again) to prevent it from wearing too much.