Pokémon Go will finally get background step-count tracking with next update

Pokémon Go has just scored its largest month of 2018 in September in terms of profits, but the developer Niantic does not rest on its laurels, as it has just announced details of the next update for the popular augmented reality game (AR).

The main addition is a new feature called Adventure Sync, which will finally add something that fans have been asking for a long time: track the distance on foot. The update will record the count of steps in the background, even if you are doing something else on your phone or if you have it safely stored in your purse or pocket.

While Adventure Sync is scheduled to be released to Pokémon Go players "soon", Niantic has said that it also plans to bring the feature to its other games at the right time.

"The new game system will be synchronized in the background with iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit", announced Niantic through a blog publish "and give players access to a weekly summary highlighting the distance traveled on foot and other statistics, including calories burned or steps counted, if your device makes them available. "

Keep walking [19659007] Walking distance tracking is a crucial part of Pokémon Go; You need to do a certain number of steps to incubate the eggs. However, if he went abroad without opening the application immediately, all the steps he had taken were essentially wasted.

Adventure Sync changes that: now you can leave your phone in your pocket and walk like a normal person. potentially avoiding setbacks along the way. The update will also offer weekly progress reports that detail your "walking milestones" along with any rewards you may have earned along the way.

It's such a simple idea that it surprises us that Niantic took two years to include the function for the game. However, the developer has been constantly adding updates to Pokémon Go since its launch, with the latest being the monsters from the Sinnoh region that come into the game.

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