Facebook launches Candidate Info where politicians pitch on camera

Facebook wants to make YouTube-style monologue videos the new way that politicians can speak directly with their constituents. Today, Facebook launches Candidate Info, with thousands of direct vertical videos to the camera where federal, state and local candidates come forward and explain their top policy priority, qualifications and the highest goal if they win the position. Elizabeth Warren (Senate of D – MA), Scott Walker (Governor of R – WI) and Beto O & # 39; Rourke (Senate of D – TX) have already published, and Facebook expects more candidates to participate shortly.

These videos will soon be available as part of an Election 2018 dialer in the navigation drawer of the Facebook mobile app. And starting next week, the clips will begin to appear in the potential constituents in the news service.

Facebook tells me that these videos will make it easier for people to know and compare different candidates. The effort extends the function of the City Council that Facebook launched in 2017 and offers a personalized directory of candidates for those who could vote. The candidate's information will only show videos of politicians who are presented in relevant elections for a specific user, so if you are in California you will not see videos of the Texas Senate race between O & # 39; Rourke and Ted Cruz. But you can still find your videos on your Facebook pages.

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As the average deadlines approach, Facebook is trying to do everything possible to protect itself against interference from elections by foreign and domestic attackers, offering transparency. about who bought campaign ads, connects users with candidates and encourages people to register and vote. With false news that spread through the social network that was thought to have influenced the 2016 elections, and Cambridge Analytica Facebook user data obtained incorrectly in the Donald Trump advertising campaign, Facebook hopes to avoid narrations Similar problems on this occasion.

Below you can see some examples of information videos from O & # 39; Rourke's candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

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