SoundCloud tracks can now be shared to Instagram Stories

The SoundCloud sound streaming service makes it easier for your users to share music from your service directly to Instagram . The company announced this morning a new feature that allows users to share tracks with Instagram Stories. However, there is a big caveat here: the clues are shared as a link that appears in Stories. To really listen to the track, users have to click on the "Play on SoundCloud" link, which then redirects them to the SoundCloud application to start listening.

This offers a way for fans and artists to promote their music through the very popular Instagram. Platform of stories, but it is not the same as being able to share music through Instagram, since listening takes place elsewhere.

Before this, people shared their SoundCloud discoveries through alternative solutions, such as taking screenshots, for example.

To use the new feature, first find the track you want to share and touch the "Share" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, touch the Instagram icon or select "Share in Instagram Stories", depending on whether you're on an iOS or Android smartphone. The link to the track is shared directly in your Instagram story. There is a sticker that you can drag to place on the screen. To listen, viewers click on the "Play on SoundCloud" link at the top of the Instagram story.

This sharing feature was first announced in May at the Facebook F8 developer conference, along with news about Instagram support for sharing from third parties. Applications, such as Spotify and GoPro, among others.

However, SoundCloud confirms that it has not been implemented so far.

The sharing feature follows the recent launch of the monetization program for SoundCloud artists and serves as another means for musicians to reach their fans off the platform itself. However, since users have to click on a link to listen, it's not necessarily a way to expose friends to new music in the way that Instagram's sound tracks function does.

SoundCloud says the sharing feature is available live in the latest version of SoundCloud iOS and Android Application

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