Flip Master Mod Apk 1.7.21 Unlimited Money

Do you remember how you turned around when you were a kid?

Well, Miniclip.com has just released a game for mobile devices known as "Flip Master", which is the most addictive game after "Flappy bird". where you will touch your character to bounce on a trampoline.

Interested in knowing this addictive game that is sweeping the Internet with a wild surprise. Flip Master is the game in which you control your character to perform various tasks in Trampoline.

The game has several levels in which you will see yourself hitting the dust and cursing the game developer to make it difficult to eliminate. But if you have patience and Flip Master Mod Apk, you can find ways to beat the level and get more coins.

So, pick up your socks and take out your phone for the Flip Master.

Flip Master Game Description

Flip Master
Publisher Miniclip.com
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 89 M
] Current version [19659010] 1.7.21
Last update August 23, 2018 [19659009] Size of the modification files 92 M

Main characteristics of the tug

  • Master the trampoline with Different tactics
  • Frontal arrows, Backflips, Winners, designs, jumps and rebounds
  • Discover a great location
  • Get incredible power-ups in the game
  • Get different incredible characters
  • Share your point with your Facebook friends

Flip Master Mod Features

  • Get 999,999 money in your account
  • Get 9999 Gold bar game in your account
  • Get 15 free Powerup in your account
  • Get 8 perso Najes to unlock in your account
  • Get all Trampoline to unlock in your account

Tips and tricks of Flip Master

Beginner's Guide [19659039] Tip 1 # Practice before venturing into the story

It would help if you practice or do training to improve the ability of your characters to make turns or bounces. Do not skip this part and keep training, as you need to clear many obstacles in the game if you practice well; You will clear all levels correctly and easily.

We recommend you practice well before immersing yourself in the story, keep coming back after any level you have not crossed. You can always train with some coins in the game and keep improving your character skill.

Tip 2 # Know your strength

You must know your strength when you want to go to higher levels. As this game is very addictive and difficult to master, focus on your strength. If you are not good at turns or your character's skill does not improve in the jump or balance, then try to stay in the center of the Trampoline.

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One of the best and most important advice we can give you is that your character remains in the center of the trampoline throughout the race or turns. You will never face any landing or rolling problems when you land in the center of Trampoline.

Tip 3 # Do not spend unnecessary game or gold coins

It would help if you did not spend unnecessary play coins or gold in The Flip Master game. The coins in the game should be used wisely to get more points during the race, or you can spend them when you need a game power up. Do not waste unnecessary games saving your character's life. You can use our Flip Master Mod Apk for unlimited money.

You can spend the game coins to train your game character, as this will improve his ability and ability to eliminate rebounds and longer turns.

Tip 4 # Save your Coins from the game when watching video ads

You will be tempted to use in-game currencies when you fall in the race, and you have a very good score. Do not spend game coins, watch video ads and save your game coins. Video ads are good when you need to save your lives in the game. Just watch the video ads and get an additional change to continue your career.

Tip 5 # Log in daily to get goodies from the game

You must enter the game Flip Master every day to get goodies from the game. This will help extend your career and get more game coins that can be used to buy lives and other in-game items. Consider this as a daily challenge where you need to log in once in the Flip Master game to get some of the best game news.

All game developers want loyal customers or players, so they design a plan to keep players starting session daily. giving fresh treats from the game. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend time in the game every day and get some interesting things at that time.

Tip 6 # Character vs. Trampoline

When you have enough money to buy a new Trampoline or character, you should always opt for the Trampoline. Trampoline is your best friend in the game every time you get a new Trampoline, you will get more power and more rebounds, which will give you more time in the air to perform different tricks.

Always remember that you can get new characters for free when the wheel rotates, so do not invest money in a new character. New Trampoline is better in every way, which will give you all the coins in the game when you start using them.

Tip 7 # Buy Powerup: they are extremely useful

There are certain elements of the game that are very useful when you get stuck at Any level or desire to win a longer term. We recommend everyone to invest money to buy power for the game; These enhancers are very useful and great when you use them.

The developer of the game has done the enhancement to increase your jumping ability and character, which can get better coins and extend your career.

Tip 8 # Turn the wheel to get skill or character

You can get a new character or a new skill by turning the wheel. You can always improve your skill when you turn the wheel, so do not keep chasing the coins, choose any skill or new character when you turn the wheel.

Tip 9 # Which skill is the most important

There are many skills in the game that you need to improve since in the character of the game, some of them are the following

  • Balance
  • Jump
  • Focusing The Jump
  • Power of Folds
  • Confidence

You must continue to improve all the skills with your skill set, but if you want to know what skill you should improve first, then we will recommend the balance skill, which is the most important of all.

You should focus on improving the balance skill then you should focus on other skills.

Tip 10 # Do a special trick to extend your careers

You must continue to perform special tricks to extend your careers. Keep experimenting different combinations of jumps and rebounds to extend your careers. Make combos and continue extending your careers.

Final words

Flip Master is extremely addictive and needs more concentration when you play this game. If you find it difficult to cross certain levels, you can consider using our apk + obb Flip master mod files to get ahead of the competition. Happy Gaming!

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