Marvel Contest Of Champions [MCOC] Mod Apk v 20.1.0

The battle between Hulk and Captain America or Iron Man against Spiderman, if you think these are some new movies, then we must tell you that these are superheroes fighting for you in the game called Marvel Contest of Champions mod apk .

You must form a formidable army with all the heroes of Marvel and defeat the villains in the epic adventures of Star showdown of Universe.

Are you ready for the fight?

Marvel Contest of Champions – MCOC Description

Marvel Contest of Champions
Publisher Kabam
Platforms Android
Current Version 20.1.0
Last updated September 6, 2018
Size of the mod files 125 M

Marvel Contest of Champions Features

  • Last epic battle of heroes
  • Combat with your favorite heroes like Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America
  • Mix and match heroes and villains in your team to form a formidable team
  • Get an agreement with your partner and form a super Alliance
  • participate in different events and seek to multiply your hero experience
  • Follow the best story of all time, directly from Marvel Stories
  • Get the best of Wakanda, The Savage land, Asgard, The Kyln [19659021] Fight with real heroes and kick The villains in the epic battle

Marvel Contest of Champions Mod To function pk

  • Get 99999999 Gold free in your account
  • Get 99999 Free Units
  • One hit kill -mod type 1
  • God mode
  • The enemy does not attack – mod type 2
  • Enemy can use only special attack – mod type 2
  • No root required

Note: Do not use this mod apk in the labyrinth of legends or the completion of act 5.4. You can use it to become uncollected and monthly events not collected without being banned.

Marvel Contest Tips and Tricks for Champions

Beginner's Guide

Tip 1 # 6 Star and 5 Star Heroes are the Best

Marvel Contest of Champions is the game of circumference and playability, but you should also consider an important point that is the game of 5-star heroes. You need to invest in 5 star heroes to start the game.

No matter how well you play and how well you fight, it all boils down to one thing: its power and its star value. Use our MCOC Mod apk for free units and turn your crystals to get the best champions.

If you have a 5 star hero in your kitty, then update it with all the crystals and coins. Maximize your winning percentage when you fight with 5-Star Hero Card. No matter how much your hero of 1 or 2 stars or 3 or 4 stars is upgraded, they will be even less powerful than a 5 star hero in the same power range.

Therefore, our board invests your crystal in the 5 star hero and begins your epic battle of heroes confrontation.

Tip 2 # Practice all the battle moves with your heroes

You need to practice all movements with your heroes before going to battle. There are many battles moves and signature attacks that you must learn so that each hero survives in the battle. You must look for any movement of your hero's defense so that when you hit an enemy or a villain, you take an adequate defensive position to block all your attack.

Try that those heroes who have some extra protection keep guard. themselves. If you control Captain America, he has a shield to stop an enemy attack. It will become very useful when you receive strong blows from the enemy.

Tip 3 # Check that all ISO-8 update your hero

If you want to improve your hero, you must win the battle and get some ISO-8. ISO-8 are game elements that are used to classify your hero. You can obtain these ISO by completing Missions, completing any chapter or simply following the history of the game.

You'll also get ISO when you win any battle with the villains. These ISOs come in different experiences like Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 ISO-8. If you have a 4-Star or 5-Star in your kitten, then you can classify it for more power and experience.

Tip # # Log in daily for sweets

There are many bonuses and treats when you log in daily. . You can also get crystal every four hours or other elements of the game. You can claim different elements of the game by playing for more than four hours. Each four-hour crystal will appear, and you will have the opportunity to roll a wheel. You can get different elements of the game by turning the wheel like ISO, crystal or different elements of the game.

Make a daily log-in habit so you can claim treats depending on the day you have a login. If you log in daily, you will also receive a 4-star hero who is very effective in the progress of your game.

Final words

If you want some gold, units and a 5 star hero in your account, you can check our Marvel Contest of Champions MOD apk with obb files. You will receive many news when you install Obb files on your smartphone.

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