Zyl is now a nostalgia-powered photo app

Zyl, the photo management application with AI power, returns to the drawing board with a more efficient and efficient redesign. The application is now focused on one thing: resurrect your old memories.

Taking photos on a smartphone now is a daily habit. But what if I look back at the photos he took a year ago, three or even eight years ago? It can be stacked pretty fast. Zyl believes that there is an emotional value in those forgotten photos.

Before this update, Zyl helped you eliminate duplicates, create smart photo albums based on multiple criteria and collaborate on photo albums. In other words, it was a useful application.

But when the company started talking to some of its users, they realized that one feature stood out and had more value than the rest.

Applying those models powered by AI to Your photo library is an excellent way to find interesting photos. But nobody was really looking at them .

When you open the application, you can see the roll of your camera with your last photos at the bottom. There is also a large green button on the bottom. When you play it, Zyl creates a satisfying animation and reveals an important photo.

If you took several photos to capture this moment, the application joins those photos and creates a GIF. Then you can share this Zyl with a friend or family member.

But the real magic happens if you try to get another Zyl. You have to wait 24 hours to unlock another photo. The next day, the application sends you a notification when your photo is ready. You can always open the application again and look at your previous Zyls in a new tab with your most important photos.

Unlike Timehop ​​or the Facebook function "On this day", Zyl does not look at your social media posts and focuses on his roll camera. Zyl is not limited to anniversaries either.

As before, Zyl respects your privacy and leaves your photos in peace. They are never sent to the company server: Zyl uses the same photo database as the native one on his iPhone or Android phone so he does not consume more storage.

Over time, the application could give you more options. taking advantage of facial recognition and the intrinsic social graphic of your photo library. You may want to see more pictures of your brother as his wedding approaches.

And that notification can be a big push. I keep opening the application and sharing old photos. Zyl is a good example of the combination of something that interests you combined with an element of surprise.

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