Pokémon Go for Android finally has to-scale monsters to catch

Pokémon means "pocket monsters", but a true fan knows that colorful creatures come in all shapes and sizes. That has been reflected in the Pokemon Go app on iOS, and a new update finally brings all those sizes to Android, too.

Whether you're capturing a Diglett icon or a giant Charizard, the Pokémon Go AR + app will show you're the & apos; true & apos; size of a Pokémon as you get closer.

Make the most of Google's ARCore, which must be downloaded from the Google Play Store before jumping with the new Go AR + update.

Gap with the stars?

But once it's up and running, Android users will have a full set of pairing features with their iPhone cousins, while Pokémon will react to movements when you get close. It makes Pokémon Go a much more interactive experience, and gives you a reason to interact with your AR mode again.

The timing of the release is interesting, with rumors suggesting that along with the release of Pokémon Let & # 39; apé; Go Eevee and Pikachu will also be a new wave of Pokémon Go mobile monsters to catch.

It's ready to be a very busy winter for Pokémon fans, with the Nintendo Switch getting its first taste of the franchise. We hope that all new Pokémon RPGs are expected next year.

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