Shared inbox startup Front launches a complete redesign

Front is launching a major renovation today. And it starts with a new design. The front now works with React for the web and desktop application, which should facilitate the addition of new functions in the future.

The front has not turned to become something else. In the end, it is still a multiplayer email client. You can share generic email addresses with your coworkers, such as sales @ yourcompany or jobs @ yourcompany. Then you can assign emails, comment before replying and integrate your CRM with your email threads.

But the company is also adding a lot of new features. The most interesting is the ability to start a thread with your computer without having to send an email first. If a client sends you an email, you can comment on the thread and mention your co-workers as in a Facebook post.

Many companies already use emails for internal communications. So they started using Front to talk to their co-workers. Before today, I had to send an original email and then people could comment on it. Now, you can only create a publication with a title and jump to the comments section. It is much simpler.

"We are not planning all internal conversations to move forward, but many of them could be very good." A tool like Slack is often used for questions that do not require the immediate response that Slack demands, "he told me. co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin. "By bringing these messages to the forefront, our goal is to reduce disruptions and help people stay focused."

In other words, a message from Slack feels like a virtual touch on the shoulder You have to interrupt what you're doing to take a minute and answer Front can be used for asynchronous conversations and things that do not need an immediate response, that's why you can now send messages from Slack to Front so you can handle them in Front .

With this update, Front is making sharing more granular.Front front is not just shared addresses.You can assign your emails personal to a co-worker, this is much more efficient than forwarding an email. Now, you can easily see who can read and interact with an email thread at the top of the email view.

If someone sends an email to Sarah and Sam, both will have a copy of this email in their personal inboxes. . If Sarah and Sam begin to comment and to the @ionioning people, Front will now merge the threads.

As a user, you will get a unified inbox with all your personal emails, the emails that were assigned to you and the messages assigned to your team.

Finally, Front has improved its intelligent filtering system. Now you can create more flexible rules. For example, if an email matches some or all of the criteria, Front can assign an email to a computer or a person, send an automatic reply, activate another rule, and more.

shared inbox startup front launches a complete redesign

The new version of Front will be available later this month. Once again, Front remains focused on its main mission: to make work conversations more efficient and more flexible. The company does not try to reinvent the wheel and it still depends to a large extent on emails.

Many people (myself included) say that email is usually a waste of time. Treating emails does not necessarily mean finishing the job. Front wants to eliminate all the problems of this messaging protocol so that it can concentrate on the content of the messages.

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