Critical Ops Mod Apk 0.9.11.f179 [Working]

Are you ready for an action game, where you need to kick some of the most professional players in the world?

Welcome to the world of ops apk critical mod, which is a first person shooter, which requires a killer instinct and a split second decision. Join any clan or group and start kicking the butt of active players around the world.

So, are you ready for critical operations?

Description of critical operations game

Critical operations
Editor Critical force Ltd.
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 53 M
Current Version 0.9.11.f179
Last updated September 19, 1919, 2018
Size of the files mod 78 M

Characteristics of critical operation

  • ] FPS Accelerated
  • Play in team team mode
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Get three challenging game modes

Mods Apk critical features

  • Get 999,999 Orange credits in your account
  • Get 9999 credits from Blue in your account
  • Get 12 special masks in the game
  • Unlock eight weapons in your account

Critical Operations Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide ntes

Tip 1 # Practice with your weapons

Critical operations has five types of weapons that you must know before starting the game. Choose your weapon according to the style you play or choose it according to the scenario. If you choose the right weapon, you will be sure to clean that level easily and, if you do not choose the right weapon according to the scenario, you will end up dying in the game.

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Category Weapons that are included in Critical Ops mod apk are as follows:

  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Machine guns
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles

Depending on the circumstances, you must change your weapons and start killing. your opponents

  • Knives : These are used for close encounters and cause a lot of damage if used correctly. One of the disadvantages of using this weapon is the close encounter you will face when you use this weapon. You need to approach your enemy to cut him in two or kill him. It is not suitable for long distances and when you are surrounded by many enemies.
  • Guns: You will always start with this weapon, the pistols are good when you have enemies at close range or when you want to shoot and hide. They are effective when you did not have any other weapon in your arsenal. The guns are poor man's weapons that will hurt but need more effort to kill a
  • Submachine Guns: If enemies surround you, you need this weapon to kill them all. Machine guns are mid-range weapons that only operate at close range. You just have to aim your cannon in the direction of the enemy, and the machine guns will kill all your enemies in a short time.
  • Shotguns: these are the best weapons when you want to kill any enemy that is very strong and keeps jumping and shooting. Shotguns are useless when your enemy is away from you, this works best when you are close. The shotgun will explode bullets in the close encounter and kill all the enemies present there in the range.
  • Sniper Rifles: These are effective when you are an enemy in the far range, these are specialized rifles that require great precision to shoot your enemy Sniper Rifle will kill your enemy with a single shot since these weapons have great precision and power.

Tip 2 # Know your land

You must know your land as you must know all the vital points where you can hide or position that are very favorable, which you can use to get advantages. It would help if you always memorize your maps to know exactly what point is the point of collision where you can face all the enemies without hurting yourself.

Check all the highest points where you can stay to get the most out of killing one shot. Memorized all the points and the wide area where you can find where you can easily kill all your enemies.

Tip 3 # Shot in the head to kill to the maximum

It would help him if he always killed an enemy with a shot in the head; These are the best shooting strategies when you play a shooting game. Point to the head and shoot the bullet, a shot in the head is the best shot point when you want to kill your enemy with a single shot or to save the time of recoil.

If the enemy surrounds you, your survival depends on how quickly you shoot. your enemy one by one, in this, you must also reload your weapon, which will give you enough time to shoot you.

To prevent your enemy from shooting you, you must practice the shot in the head.

Tip 4 # Focus on the completion of the mission

It would help if you always focused on the completion of the mission, which will grant you credits that can be used to advance the next mission. It would help if you focused on completing the mission, which has certain objectives to achieve. Focus on completing your mission and complete all the objectives that are there to get a bonus and the advantages of the game.

Final words

Critical Ops is the best mobile game when you want to meet your enemy in an army style combat. If you need help, you can download our Mod Critical Ops apk files that will give you free credit to be ahead of the challenges.

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