Google’s Pixel phones will soon get mobile Smart Compose in Gmail

Google today announced that its Pixel phones will soon receive support for Smart Compose in Gmail. Smart Compose automatically ends your sentences for you as you type, based on what Google knows about how you and others write similar sentences. Smart Compose can also automatically complete the addresses for you.

Google launched this feature for the first time with its redesigned Gmail for the web, but now it also brings this to mobile devices. On the mobile, of course, a feature like this is even more interesting, since writing on the mobile is obviously more difficult. Google says that on the web, Smart Compose is already saving people one billion characters per week.

It's interesting that Google is launching this function first on their Pixel phones. Maybe it's because those phones also have the Google AI chip.

In my own experience, Smart Compose is excellent when it works. All too often, he still does not, but the good thing is that he can always ignore it and continue his cheerful way without the suggestions of Smart Compose getting in his way.

Google did not say when this feature would be released, but it is likely to come out in the coming days or weeks.

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