Google Pixel Slate release date, news and rumors

The story of a 2-in-1 Google Chromebook tablet, internally known as & # 39; Nocturne & # 39; We also saw a pretty leaky leak that pointed to Nocturne being called the Google Pixel Slate. We are going to make a two-to-one tablet running Chrome OS, as Google Pixel 3 is likely to be released at launch.

A recently leaked marketing image may show a tablet with a keyboard with a completely different shape, while a leaked video might show a Google tablet with a keyboard cover. We've also seen rendering of software updates on our Chrome tablet devices that show you how to prepare for biometric sign-in. There was some speculation that Google Pixel Slate could dual boot into Windows 10 and Chrome OS.

Google Pixel Slate is likely to be a 2-in-1 tablet that supports Chrome OS. For the keyboard cover.

Google two-to-one tablet running Chrome OS
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    19659011] We do not know when the Google Pixel Slate is on the market. The only thing we know for sure is that we have planned events in New York to show off our new hardware.

    I'm sure we'll see our new Pixel 3 smartphone at this event, but there's a rumor that Google is releasing two new Chromebooks with Pixel Slate.

    When Google releases Pixel Slate on October 9th, it can be seen on the shelf at the end of the month or early November. Above all, Google makes sure that people who show off the sparkling new technology under the Christmas tree can use this product.

    Google Pixel Slate Price

    Another aspect of this rumored product is nothing. So what we can do is to guess what is inside.

    We did not know the screen size of Google Pixel Slate, but we heard that Google Pixel Slate will display at the same resolution as today's Pixelbook. Devices with ultra-sensitive resolutions cost about $ 999 (about £ 759, AU $ 1,385).

    However, like all other 2-in-1 tablets, the keyboard cover on this device is potentially optional and may be slightly lower in price. We expect about $ 799 (£ 799, $ 1,199) because we expect a price similar to the Surface Pro or iPad Pro.

    Google Pixel Slate design

    With the launch of Google Pixel Slate on track, I got a good idea of ​​what an upcoming tablet / notebook hybrid looks like.

    The latest leaked images from Google Pixel Slate clearly show devices like keyboards with tablets. If the image is genuine (this is a leaked image with a good record), it looks like you have a tablet device that you can use like a laptop.

    Google pixel slate spec

    Unfortunately, we do not know if Google Pixel Slate tablets pack more than they know about pricing. And release date. However, there are few details about rumors.

    First, Google Pixel Slate will have the same resolution as Pixelbook – 2,400 x 1,600. However, since we can not be sure how much the screen will be, there is no pixel density that can be calculated right now.

    According to the current XDA developer forum post, this device provides a secure login as well as a Intel Skylake generation CPU as well as a fingerprint sensor. Previous details were backed up with some of the leaked images. However, I do not think Google Pixel Slate will actually be released as a Skylake CPU. It is an ancient chip by today's standards. Instead, we are hoping to see Whiskey Lake or Mobile Lake generation mobile Intel processors on the slate.

    It is also based on a leaked image with at least one USB-C port on the tablet. More shocking.

    Pixel Slate's leaked marketing image suggests that the tablet's keyboard appears to hang in the bottom right and left corners of the display. If Google Pixel Slate is actually a spiritual successor to Pixel C, there is a possibility that these two parts will be completely separate to keep the operational connection alive.

    No further information is available. Content inside Google Pixel Slate At least October 9 is not that far away.

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