Surface Studio 2 vs Surface Studio: is it time to upgrade?

Originally, Surface Studio set a new standard for desktop computers when it started shy two years ago. Surface Studio 2 now shows it with better hardware in every way.

With updated processors, graphics cards and brighter screens, Microsoft's new desktop may look like a complete win. However, if you look closely at upgraded specifications and prices, you will feel differently.

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Surface Studio 2 Surface Studio Design

Nothing in design, no matter what the screen, computer bases or the exterior look at, the Surface studio has not changed at all [19659002] That is, Surface Studio 2 moves to a 30-inch screen

The silver lining is the result of Surface Studio 2's great and flexible design that we love. It is sticking. It is still the most elegant and modern all-in-one desktop and is the only all-in-one desktop that can be converted to a digital drafting table by pressing the screen with one finger.

Surface Studio 2 vs Surface Studio Specs

Surface Studio 2 experienced a complete specification crash with Nvidia Pascal graphics, Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake processor. In comparison, last year's Surface Studio featured an optional Nvidia Maxwell graphics card, a sixth-generation Skylake processor.

Overall, most users will see better graphics performance with these silicon enhancements. Pascal has wrapped around Maxwell graphics, so you can make your game easier with higher quality settings. Of course, creatives are most useful for displaying complex 3D art, large artwork, and high-definition video without breaking the GPU.

The transition from Skylake to the Kaby Lake processor basically boosts 4K streaming and provides basic and boost slightly faster. Clock speed

These complex file rendering are typically handled by the processor. For this reason, Intel was very disappointed not to have introduced the H-series processor, hexa-core, in the Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake series.

Thankfully, Microsoft also uses hybrid hard drives with 64GB to 128GB of integrated solid state storage for older NVMe SSDs. Also, after much criticism and community desire, Surface Studio 2 had a USB-C port that made the original desktop feel scarce.

Surface Studio 2 retains the same 28.125-inch size and 4,500 x 3,000 resolution as the previous version, but Microsoft has certainly improved its display on new desktops. Surface Studio 2 has a Brilliant PixelSense display, not a PixelSense display, which is brighter with 500 knits giving it 38% brighter and 22% higher contrast.

The launch of the SKU with Microsoft's all-in-one desktop starting with an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB memory was also a noticeable upgrade. Unfortunately, the default setting has been improved and will be coming soon, which means higher starting prices.

Compare Surface Studio 2 and Surface Studio prices

Better hardware means higher prices unfortunately, and Surface Studio 2 costs $ 3,499 or $ 5,499 (about 2,690 pounds), which was used in the midrange Surface Studio.

Two Surface Studios with Surface Studio

Two Surface Studios with Surface Studio Design:

Well … To be honest,

Until we tested Surface Studio 2, Microsoft was better at creating desktops in games It just seems to boast 4K content. Whether you can create a better engine with great content.

The higher the starting price, the more accessible Surface Studio 2 is from the previous model. So with all this in mind, only people with the original Surface Studio who are interested in graphics power and USB-C connectivity should be interested in purchasing. Our opinion may change with the final review until we continue to monitor our continued application.

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