Reelgood’s app for cord cutters adds 50+ services, personalized recommendations

Reelgood, a startup that aims to help cable cutters find their next binge, is now available with its biggest update. The company has been developing its broadcasting guide over the last year to solve the discovery problems that exist when consumers abandon traditional pay-TV in favor of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime Video and others.

The first company launched as a website in the summer of 2017 before expanding to mobile devices last fall. During that time, it has become more than one million monthly active users who now register with Reelgood to find something new to see.

With today's update of your iOS application, Reelgood is adding a number of features, including personalized recommendations. selections, alerts for programs and movies you're tracking, advanced search and filtering, and the ability to track content in more than 50 streaming services, among other things.

As a discovery is the Reelgood approach the updated application now offers two new types of recommendations.

One is Reelgood's own version of "Since You Watched," a type of viewing suggestion you'll find today in individual services, such as Netflix. But those are more limited because they will only suggest other programs or movies that they offer. The Reelgood recommendations will instead cover all the services to which you have access, offering a more universal set of suggestions.

This function is linked to the Reelgood watch history, where you keep track of the shows and movies you've watched. That means you also have to use Reelgood as your tracking application for this feature to work.

The other new way to offer recommendations of the application is less personalized, in fact, it is random. Because chance is sometimes a better way to find something, a feature called "Reelgood Roulette" allows you to shake your device while on the Discover tab to get a non-personalized random suggestion.

Reelgood credits Netflix Roulette, created by Andrew Sampson, as the basis of this addition. In fact, it acquired the software rights last year and then updated it to support more streaming services.

The application now also offers more powerful search and filtering capabilities with Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb scores. more cast and crew listings. This allows you to consult things like "the best rated films of Meryl Streep" or "dramatic series with an IMDb rating of at least 8.0 that came out in the last 3 years", for example.

The search and filtering mechanisms of Reelgood have always been the place where it stands out, but it is less useful as a simple tracker. That's why I prefer TV Time, which allows you to mark stations or complete series as "Observed" and offers discussion forums for each episode where you can post photos and memes and chat with other fans.

TV Time, however, does not have It has not been so useful to make recommendations: their suggestions have been extraordinary when I have tried them in the past, I have often relied too much on the catalogs of the network than on more current content or trends. It makes me wish that I could combine the two applications in one for the best of both worlds: tracking and recommendations.

The updated Reelgood application also doubles its healing capabilities by offering editorial collections. For example: 2018 Emmy nominees, the 250 best IMDb films, original selections, dark comedies, British humor and more. This can be a good way to find something to see when you really are perplexed.

And as you discover new programs and movies that you want to watch, you can set alerts to let you know when they get to one of the streaming services you subscribe to, similar to the tracking feature in Roku OS.

Finally, the Reelgood update includes the addition of more than 50 transmission services. That means that now there is support for more specialized services such as IndieFlix, FilmStruck, Shudder, Fandor, Crunchyroll, Mubi, AcornTV and Starz, among others.

"Reelgood 4.0 is the culmination of everything we have learned about how people see the world and increasingly fragmented," said Eli Chamberlin. , Head of product and design of Reelgood. "Our goal with this release was to take out all the broadcast content and show it in the most meaningful way possible, so that people can make the most of their existing broadcasting services without losing hours and hours searching." [19659002] The new application is being implemented in iOS today in the App Store.

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