PlayStation might finally allow you to change your username

2006 was a crazy year: the High School Musical had just premiered, Paris Hilton was number one in Hollywood-It-Girl & apos; and Facebook had become accessible to the public. It was also the year that Sony launched the PlayStation Network, its all-encompassing digital media service.

If you signed up when the service debuted 12 years ago, you may have chosen a username based on your interests and identity at that time, but it is likely that xXsPongeBobFanXx does not accurately reflect your adult personality today.

So far, it has been impossible to change your PSN username, which means that many people are trapped with embarrassing names that they thought were totally cool as preadolescents. If you fall in this camp, you will be pleased to know that there are rumors that Sony will finally give you the ability to update your username to something more current.

A Kotaku report cites three anonymous sources in different game studios, who told them they had been "fixing errors, adjusting settings and making sure their games are compatible with Sony's plans" to allow PSN users change their user names.

When can I change my username?

It seems that implementing this is much more complicated than you think, since the anonymous developers suggest that the problem lies in the way the PSN IDs were originally implemented. This means that any plan

Although Sony has not commented on the rumors, CEO Shawn Layden hinted at the possible solution in the PlayStation Experience conference in December 2017, answering a question about user name changes saying: "No You'll have to ask me that question to the next PSX. "

Initially, it was thought that Sony would enable the feature in 2018, but as the company announced that there will not be a PSX conference this year, it appears that the ability to change its PSN username may not reach until 2019.

] Despite the lack of time, PlayStation fans are already excited about the proposed changes:

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Via Kotaku

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