Microsoft Surface October 2018 event live blog: the latest news on Surface

In just a few hours, Microsoft is expected to bring back curtains from numerous surface devices. In other words, we expect 2018 updates in the form of the new Surface Pro 5 (or 6 … or myriad), Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Studio 2.

Microsoft also announced that the Hydrograph 10 October 1018 Insider Preview build for Windows is official RTM (Manufacturing Ready) and October 2 is the technically "Patch Tuesday" and Windows 10 Update the download at the same time, taking into account updates. [19659002] Because Microsoft does not live stream this event, we will forward it to you in an "old-fashioned" way: use live blogs. You will be bringing in the latest details, insights and pictures from your keynote.

This page needs to be open like at 4 pm (1 pm, 9 pm, BST) . When the keynote begins in New York City, we will deliver all the latest news about the Microsoft Surface. When you arrive a little early, you will enjoy early queuing photography and hot take. see you then!

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