Pixel Slate could be the real name of Google’s next 2-in-1 Chromebook

Due to a new leak, Google has named the 2-in-1 Chromebook device previously called & # 39; Nocturne & # 39; and is nicknamed Pixel Slate.

David Ruddock Editor (19459006) opened Twitter after hearing about reliable sources.

Google Pixel Slate? The immediate reaction to the name of the TechRadar office was doubtful. It must be said. And it's stuck too close to the philosophy that the annotations do speak and the imagination is lacking.

Pixels are abundant.

The name holds the truth as we care and works well with other Pixel-named products from Google.

This hybrid Chromebook is expected to be released on Google's large pixel. Three phones will be launched on October 9th with other Chrome OS devices (this may be a familiar Pixelbook 2 before this year).

As previously reported, Pixel Slate / Nocturne saw a leaked product image with a 1 "tablet – a keyboard made by Brydge with a detachable keyboard with 2 third-party keyboards.

Another leaked image is depression on the upper left of the tablet and can be a fingerprint sensor. All of these remain a target of speculation ever more.

The Google Pixel 3 event is scheduled to take place at least on October 9, and we expect to see official announcements of new products from all search companies, including Google Pixel Slate.

via 9th to 5th

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