Football Manager 2019: New features announced

While we continue to enjoy (ie, addicted to) Football Manager 2018, the next installment of the long-duration soccer tactics simulator is just around the corner. Yes, on November 2, Football Manager 2019 will hit the stores, full of new features to offer an even more immersive management experience for next year.

Developers Sports Interactive has just begun to spread the ads of these new features, from superficial modifications to in-depth changes that alter the way you play the game. We have compiled them all here, so read on to see the confirmed features of Football Manager 2019, as well as a series of features that we hope to see in the final game.

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Football Manager 2019: Features

First of all, let's take a look at the graphic updates that have been announced so far.

& # 39; Manager man & # 39 ;, the cover star of the Football Manager series. It has been removed. The chart has been a mainstay since the 2004 edition of the game and will be replaced by the sight of a manager of his team coming out onto the pitch. In addition, Sports Interactive is a new logo for the game.

The game will include licenses of the German Football Association (DFB) for the first time, in a four-year contract. That means that the German national team will include real players, instead of the fake gray names we usually see. It also means that real club badges, kits and faces of players will be included for all the clubs of the two most important leagues in Germany, the Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga.

It will also revise the user interface, with a new purple look dominating the screenshots that have been released so far. The familiar charts, charts and tables also seem to have been adjusted as well.

In the real bones of the game and the tactical system, which has undergone a renewal for FM19. New tactical styles based on famous tactical philosophies are included, with & # 39; Gegenpress & # 39 ;, & # 39; Tiki Taka & # 39; and & # 39; Catenaccio & # 39; among those available, all modifiable, of course.

Team instructions for different phases of play, which means you can count your team to press or back when you lose possession – they are another welcome addition. New goalkeeper distribution options are also included, while there are also new player functions. & # 39; Pressing Forward & # 39 ;, & # 39; No-Nonsense Center-Back & # 39; and & # 39; No-Nonsense Full-Back & # 39; They are among these.

A lot of changes come to the training system, too. Using its internal access to a series of professional clubs, Sports Interactive has created a renewed module to train its squad. The training is now divided into three sessions per day, compared to only one in previous editions of the game.

And although you could previously focus training sessions in a wide area like attacking or defending, now it is also customizable. For example, you can tell your advocates to work specifically on your "air defense" skills. There are also pre-established training schedules if you do not want to fool around with training, and the preseason is now a different part of the calendar.

For beginners, there is a "new directors management" system, which allows players to pass the most complex aspects of the game, as well as new features.

Finally, in the matches themselves, and the biggest change announced so far is the inclusion of two controversial (for some) pieces of technology that have made it the real-life sport in recent years. The technology of the goal line is included, as is VAR (assistant video referees). So now you have something else to take your hair off when you lose 3-0 to West Ham.

Football Manager 2019 will also return to the Nintendo Switch. The 2018 edition was the first console version of the game that included the full 3D combination engine included, and received rave reviews after its release in April. Once again, it's the "tactile" version of the game instead of the fully developed PC version, but this time we'll see it in November, good news for Switch owners.

Football Manager 2019: release date

Well, we already know that FM19 will be released on November 2, but you could get it two weeks before that if you pre-order the physical version of the game, or the digital version of a distributor authorized by Sega.

Previous order will give you access to the early access beta and will also give you a 10% discount on the game. In addition to these pre-order advantages, you can also take your saved game from the beta release to the full game once it has been released.

Football Manager 2019: Our wish list

1. Women's leagues

It's 2018 and it's probably only a matter of time before the women's teams reach Football Manager.

FIFA 16 added a small number of international women's teams and added more with each successive version, but this would be a bigger company in some aspects. Although the images of the players would not be necessary, there are many clubs to add: 101 only in England.

2. Temporary employment

In real-life football, caregiver management is an increasingly popular human resources strategy. Someone brought with a limited amount of time left to save the club from relegation. We would like to see this type of temporary contract reach Football Manager 2019, where you will only remain until the end of the season. Although, of course, if you do it well enough, the president could agree to make you permanent.

3. Owners who interfere

A very real aspect of the beautiful game that has not been replicated satisfactorily so far is the role of the meddlesome president. We have seen them in several clubs: they want to express their opinion about the team, from the transfer objectives to the training.

We would like to see this repeated in the game, with its reputation following them. They offer you a job in a big club with a big budget … but an unpredictable president who can make you play your son every week. There would be an element of risk / reward to this: if you do well in such difficult circumstances, other presidents will take note that you are a force to be reckoned with.

4. Brexit mode updated

In the last two versions, Brexit was simulated. The game would randomly select a strong Brexit severity level, a return to the bad old days of players who need work permits, to barely any change in the softer version.

Now we have (something) more clarity in the Brexit vision we are finishing, this will probably be a little more refined. But as a voter of Remain who is still depressed, please, Sports Interactive, let's deactivate it. I come to games to get away from the misery of the real world!

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