Super Mario Party: the 5 best minigames from Nintendo’s ultimate party game

Super Mario Party is just a few days away from its release on Nintendo Switch on October 5, and with 80 new minigames made for the last entry, there are a lot of fun snacks to make you put your teeth.

Mario Party has always been about group experiences, and the eleventh game of the series, Super Mario Party, allows up to four players depending on how many Joy-Con controllers you can get your hands on.

We know that there will be an independent mode for the Super Mario Party minigames. But this is the first Mario Party game that allows you to play independent mini-games online, with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, at least, which means that there are many opportunities to compete for first place in those leaderboards.

For now, here is our list of the five best mini-games we've seen so far in Super Mario Party.

1. Lit Potato

For all your fun characters, Super Mario Party will continue the tradition of the series for a long time to bring the bite stress to the small scale gameplay. Lit Potato adopts this fireplace with joy, giving players and NPCs a handful of time bombs to go around in a circle until they literally explode in someone's face. Seeing the circle reducing the last ones is sure to put the players on maximum alert.

Players: 2v2

2. Shell Shocked Deluxe

One of the smartest tricks to get out of the Nintendo Switch entry is the ability to use two Switch screens to play 2v2, sliding through the touch screens to decide where you want them to connect.

You can only do this with a handful of games made for the format, but the ability to align two screens in any configuration you want before firing cannons through the ether is nothing short of wonderful.

Players: 2v2

  Super Mario Part of the game Party Party of Nintendo

Shell Shocked Deluxe in full cooperative action

3. Nut cases

Get ready to rumble: high definition rumble, that's it. The advanced features of the rumble in each Joy-Con controller open up a lot of new possibilities for the minuscule game, and Nut Cases takes full advantage of them: a 2v2 challenge that makes shake boxes of acorns to measure how many are "rumbling" around inside. A very satisfactory to win.

Players: 2v2

4. What a Racket

What a Racket is a classic Mario Party experience: 1v3 tennis match that gives the team big regular rackets and the only player a hugely large swatter to hit bob-ombs over the net. It seems simple, but trust us, it is much more difficult than it seems.

Players: 1v3

5. Drop Quiz

Quizzes are rarely fun, but Super Mario Party participation is a welcome exception. Drop Quiz plays a short roll of supporting characters like Toad and Kooper Trooper carrying fruit, which requires players to memorize and answer who and what they saw. The problem is that a player will choose the question that is asked, which means that he will fight hard to get ahead of his friends' attention and guess what could have been lost.

Players: 1v3

  Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch Board Game

Honorable Mentions

With more than 80 mini-games to play, and an extra potential content to unlock if you manage to test Each one throughout the game, we have only scratched the surface here. But half of the enjoyment comes from the peculiar premise of each mini game and the dazzling word games.

The likes of & # 39; Net Worth & # 39 ;, which needs the four players to time their moves to wind up in a fishing net, and the & # 39; Miner Backbacks & # 39; clandestine caverns deserve applause just because of their names. We will have much more to go into when our full review is published next week, although for now you can see more details in our full article Super Mario Party .

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