Razer pulled curtains from the Nari series, another PC gaming headset. All three of these new gaming headsets pack THX Spatial Audio, but the Ultimate version offers totally realistic haptic feedback.

This feature, co-developed with German engineering company Lofelt, creates haptic feedback in all angles and dimensions of the haptic motion driver. This goal is to increase game immersion and improve game location awareness.

Furthermore, this feature (apparently) works with all audio formats and sources, from video games to movies and music, to automatically convert audio signals to haptic format.

In addition to simulated surround sound via THX, earplug headsets such as the three new Nari Essential ($ 99 / € 99), Nari ($ 149 / € 149) and Nari Ultimate ($ 199 / 2.4GHz wireless connection without hanging ear cushions, auto adjustable headband and & # 39; delay.

The handy chart above shows all these product differences and hopes that Razer will be attractive to Nari Ultimate. Adjust for a full review of Razer Nari Ultimate to see if it is worth looking at at a relatively steep cost.

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