Nintendo Switch Virtual Console hinted at in eShop Javascript code

While Nintendo has been quite firm in its stance on the lack of a virtual console service for Nintendo Switch, its backend operations suggest otherwise. An enthusiastic software designer has found references to virtual console gaming platform categories within the publicly available JSON reading of Nintendo eShop, a file format for web-based JavaScript code.

The software designer is KevDoy on Twitter where they shared the findings. The JSON file includes the following chain of code, highlighted by KevDoy in the following tweet:

Many in response on Twitter suspect that this is simply a placeholder set by Nintendo for posterity, since the virtual console is still accessible on the Nintendo 3DS console line.

However, since deciding on a Virtual Console service for Switch, Nintendo suggested that it could treat its Nintendo Switch Online in a similar way, with its NES game library application available only to subscribers.

is this confirmation that the Virtual Console is, in fact, coming to Nintendo Switch? Absolutely not.

Does this make us wonder about Nintendo's future plans regarding access to classic games? Yes, and we will not stop until we are satisfied.

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Via WccfTech

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