Google ends cryptocurrency ad ban

Google has announced that it will cancel its ban on advertising for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Online giants blocked these ads in March as part of a security crackdown, but now they have changed their minds and are allowed to decrypt. & # 39; 19659002] The news said the term will be "updated" in order to allow regulated cipher exchange to be advertised in the U.S. as the financial products and services policy announced in October 2018 changes.

Google cryptocurrency ban

However, companies wishing to advertise must be Google-certified for the specific country in which their ads will appear and will only be released once. New services will start next month.

"We do not have a crystal ball to see where the future will go with cryptocurrencies, but we've seen enough consumers." Scott Spencer, Google's sustainable advertising director, says this at the time the initial ban came into effect.

This block also affected third parties: a company that advertises rolling spot foreign exchange and financial spread bets meant that it needed to get a certificate from Google to advertise through AdWords.

This turnaround Similar to Facebook's decision, Facebook began allowing cipher ads back in June following its ban

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