Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 release date and news: First impressions of the Blackout beta

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is only a few weeks away. It is the last entry in the series of long-term shooters, which began in historical scenarios such as the Vietnam War and World War II before changing course to the near future.

Black Ops 4 will be a bit different from previous games in the Black Ops series, with the single player campaign disappearing, replaced by the current trend – a royale battle mode called Blackout.

In addition to that, there will be a Zombies mode, solo missions and a regular multiplayer game. A beta version for Blackout mode already hits the consoles between September 14 and 17, giving players a first look at the latest game mode CoD

While we wait for more details and the official release of the game, you can read to discover everything else we know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 below.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Everything we know so far

Blackout mode

Blackout is Call of Duty version of smash -hit battle royale genre, which has exploded in success thanks to games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds . According to the developer Treyarch, the mode presents the largest map they have ever created (1500 times larger than Nuketown, apparently), and players can use a variety of land, sea and air vehicles to cross it.

Beta Blackout was available for PS4, Xbox One and PC at different times between September 10 and 17. First impressions were positive, with Screen Rant stating that it "raises the standard of the Battle Royale genre" and Eurogamer labeling it as "a polished PUBG".

Since the franchise is known for its multiplayer formula usually low and intimate, it is a pleasant surprise to see that the new game mode is giving a positive first impression.

Treyarch has confirmed that there are three different ways to play the battle royale mode. : alone, in duos or in groups of four players. According to Game Informer Blackout mode will have up to 80 players facing each other. That is 20 less than Fortnite and PUBG but apparently the number is not written in stone.

The latest advance released for the game shows Blackout mode. You can see it up.

Zombies Mode

This mode was revealed in May in the great revelation of the game. During that revelation, we learned that the mode will include calls, seasonal events, and other events will also be presented, which will be held daily, monthly, and annually.

The mode is possibly the most interesting of the three Black Ops 4 modes, and it has a bit of history. You will join three other players (or bots) to travel back in time and defeat a wild zombie cult. There are three missions that take place in different places: The Nine (a Roman arena), Voyage of the Despair (The Titanic) and Blood of the Dead (a hodgepodge of previous locations Black Ops ). [19659002] Surprisingly, Treyarch has confirmed that the events in Black Ops 4 Zombies are definitely not connected to those of previous titles. Speaking to Game Informer Jason Blundell, Treyarch's Zombies director for Black Ops 4 spoke about the game split of existing story. "They are not connected in any way," he states unequivocally, "they are two separate stories altogether."

Blundell claimed that Aether's previous story was one that was enjoyed by the fervent Zombie players, but "it was incredibly complicated and discouraging for new players." to enter. "Treyarch will expect a new start for the Zombies timeline to attract a whole new group of players to the format.

Multiplayer mode

A more traditional multiplayer mode will also be present in the game.The mode sees the return of the specialists, the playable characters in multiplayer mode.There will be ten specialists, each with weapons and unique abilities …

  • Ajax – icebreaker, with ballistic shield and tactical grenades
  • Battery – expert in demolitions, with a grenade launcher and cluster grenades
  • Shock – healer, with medical kit and ammunition.
  • Firebreak – negation of the area, with a flamethrower and reactor core
  • Nomad – nature lover, with a dog and explosives tripwire.
  • Prophet – unknown role and weapons.
  • Recon – intel operator, with a pulse of vision n and sensors darts.
  • Ruin – rusher, with a slam attack and a grapple gun.
  • Seraph – tactician, with a revolver and a deployable beacon.
  • Torque – defender, with a barricade and barbed wire.

The game will also include solo missions – set in multiplayer maps – that focus on each of the game's specialist characters, with these missions presenting players to the characters and highlighting their stories. However, they are not intended to be campaigns, but explanations for specialists.

Other changes

Automatic recovery was eliminated in Call of Duty: WW2 campaign mode and Black Ops 4 will see it abandoned in multiplayer mode too. Now you will have to use a button dedicated to healing to replenish your health, instead of having to wait for your character to stop taking damage.

That feature seems to be ready to promote more cautious and tactical gameplay, since the ability has a timer, so you can not heal every time they hit you.

A feature called Fog of War has been added to multiplayer mode. That means you can only see a short distance of your character on the minimap, unless you have some skill or specialized equipment on hand.

There are also new weapons available. They are called signature weapons and offer aesthetic differences instead of statistics updates. Five multiplayer maps of the history of the series will also be included, along with a selection of new maps, of course.

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Support Nintendo Switch?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will definitely hit PC, Xbox One and PS4, but in terms of compatibility with Switch? We are not sure, but we still have hope.

Activision declined to comment when asked if Black Ops 4 would arrive at the Nintendo switch by Kotaku, that some might suggest that they are working on it.

Gaming Journalist Marcus Sellers has predicted that the game will indeed come out on the Switch, however, saying it will support Switch DLC, HD and rumble and motion controls. According to his tweet, the Switch version will be carried by a company familiar with games Call of Duty .

More recently, Treyarch's design director David Vonderhaar was questioned on the subject by Game Informer and laughed at the possibility. After a prolonged laugh, Vonderhaar said, "I just made the shoes," but still seemed to find the idea of ​​ Black Ops 4 in Switch incredibly fun. It is clear that developers and publishers do not take the system too seriously, and therefore any rumors based on CoD on the platform should be put to bed for the time being.

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