Win a high-end gaming rig by cracking the code in this game from OnePlus

OnePlus today launched Crackables, a limited-period challenge based on several real and digital riddles.

In collaboration with Google, OnePlus aims at "tech-savvy users" with a series of Android-based crypts, where anyone on the platform can participate.

The game is already live, and the first challenge will surface on September 19 at 5:30 p.m. IST. Only the first 1,000 players to decipher the first three challenges will move on to the next phase where they will receive a microcontroller to face the next challenges in the hardware round.

The winner of the challenge will receive the grand prize, a high-quality game configuration valued at $ 30,000 (approximately Rs 21 lakhs).

That is not the only prize, and players will also have the opportunity to win prizes in multiple stages of the game.

How to play

Go to to join the challenge. You do not need to install an application to play, since it's a web-based game that means you play it in your smartphone's browser (like Chrome, Opera or Mozilla).

Players must log in using their Google account to save their progress and do not forget to have headphones on hand as Crax will feed you with critical verbal instructions during all stages.

What do you like to play?

The challenge is intriguing from the moment you enter. Start with an amazing story of an animated character named Crax, with the ultimate goal of deciphering a series of riddles to free Crax.

You need to have a certain degree of patience to go through the stages, and although the game starts easy, it quickly becomes complex, a quick obstacle in time, this is not it.

The challenge tests your memory, speed and skill. You will need to combine everything to solve mysterious riddles. In Crax's words, "you need to decipher the six walls of the cube and tear them down" to reach the final stage.

Do this and you will free Crax and win the grand prize.

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Brains behind the challenge

OnePlus has collaborated with the Google Zoo team to develop the game, however, there are no exact details on how it is the Google Zoo team. contributing to the campaign.

The trippy challenges are written by Sleep Deprivation Lab and Davidson Cole. Sleep Deprivation Lab was founded by Christian Cantamessa, an award-winning designer and filmmaker. The company offers writing, directing and production services for films, comics, virtual reality and video games

Davidson is a former student of the Sundance Film Festival (DESIGN, 2002) and has written for tables and videogames for more than two decades. He has been a writer for several science fiction / fantasy / horror universes, including the classic cyberpunk environment Shadowrun, F.E.A.R. and more recently Eclipse Phase.

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