Rowkin Ascent Charge+ review: The smallest sport earbuds to date

One of the biggest complaints about true wireless headphones, apart from appearing strange, is the battery life. It seems that we are lucky to get three hours of battery life with really wireless options, but the Rowkin Ascent Charge + headphones exceed the 3.5 hours of playback listed in just over half an hour. If you are looking for one of the most versatile pair of wireless headphones, your search ends with the Charge +.

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Who is the Rowkin Ascent Charge + for?

Rowkin Ascent Charge + are the smallest sports hearing aids available as of September 19, 2018.

  • Athletes. If the name "Ascension" and the faded mountain background in the box does not convince him to climb the mountain. Everest with these, then maybe the IPX5 certification and the independent battery life of four hours.
  • Travelers. The true wireless form factor is much more convenient than traditional wireless construction. In addition, with the noise reduction and echo cancellation functions, you are ready for some pre-work work while you take 6:24 a.m. train to work.
  • Forgetful listeners. If you download the Rowkin app, which is available on both Google Play and the App Store, you can place your headphones.

What's inside?

There are many inclusions with your purchase of Rowkin Ascent Charge +. You get a dual function charging case that can also charge phones; three pairs of tips for the ears; a USB-C cable and a USB adapter; a Qi wireless charger; and the really wireless headphones.

How is Ascent Charge + built?

The cylindrical headphone covers are grooved, which makes the headphones easier to grip with sweaty fingers. Each headset has a capacitive touch panel along with an integrated indicator and LED. Learn that touch controls last five minutes, but they could be more intuitive, especially since certain tasks are specific to the ear.

  Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: the headphones that rest on Astro-Turf.

Each headset has a capacitive touch panel function for playback and call controls.

A strange but effective looking silicone ring seizes the seam that divides the nozzle from the housing. Whether you're lifting weights, running or biking to the bank, Ascent Charge's buds stay in place. However, if you find that the material is irritating, or it is not for the appearance of the outer ring, you can always remove it.

Rowkin aligns the Ascent Charge + headphone nozzles at 45 degrees for ergonomic fit. This is supposed to make things comfortable to use all day. Unfortunately with the rubber ring installed, the setting irritates my ears after an hour of listening. However, removing the ring makes the adjustment feel unstable. Instead, I limit my ability to listen to segments of an hour.

Charging casing and Qi wireless charger

  Rowkin charger + review: Charging casing 1900mAh Qi wireless charger.

Included with the upload load Rowkin + is a Qi wireless charger.

Reminiscent of the Bose SoundSport Free case, the Ascent Charge + case has a tubular structure. Instead of a hinge mechanism, the included case works more like a drawer. The 1900mAh case not only charges the headset, but can also charge it if it is compatible with USB-C. And if you have exhausted all the nooks and crannies in your backpack, you can hook the box on the outside through the loop.

  Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: The charging case connected to a backrest through a carabiner that goes through the rim.

Although the case is large, it is easy to travel by attaching it to the outside of a bag.

One of the coolest inclusions of Rowkin Ascent Charge + is the Qi wireless charger. By placing the casing in the charger without looking for the right cable, you will save yourself from many headaches. And just as in the case, the Qi charging platform can load compatible mobile devices. For example, I could use it with my LG G6.

Touch Controls

Work perfectly once you control them. Here is a cheat sheet from Rowkin's manual to help you study.

  Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: An image of the touch controls on the Rowkin site.

Rowkin Each headset controls different directives, and the omnidirectional microphone performs good for informal calls.

Is the Ascent Charge + good for exercise?

They are excellent for indoor cardio addicts due to stable fit. But if you're going to run or ride a bicycle outside, we do not recommend them. They do a good job isolating it from the environment, so it could be considered a security risk. Instead, it's better with a pair of more secure training headphones. Also, if you use them to run outside, you may notice that the shape of the headphones amplifies the wind noise.

However, for indoor activities, noise reduction, adjustment and IPX5 water resistance make them a versatile option for anyone who likes to exercise with music.

Battery life

  Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: A view of the charging case lid, focusing on the USB-C input.

You can charge the case directly through the USB -C cable, or place it in the included Qi wireless charger.

The battery life of the Charge + is excellent given that they last only 3.5 hours. During our objective tests, we discovered that a single charge provides 4.13 hours of reproduction when subjected to a constant output of 75dB (SPL). When you run out of Ascent Charge + battery life, simply put them in the box. From there, they will start to load automatically.

If the case is also out of stock, you can upload one of two ways. Connect the USB-C cable directly to the housing or place the housing on the Qi wireless charger. Fully charging the headphones takes up to 70 minutes, while doing the same in the case takes approximately two hours.


Operating via Bluetooth 5.0, it means that Rowkin Ascent Charge + easily maintains a stable connection. Unfortunately, both my PC and LG G6 are only compatible with Bluetooth 4.2, so I could not directly test the capabilities of 5.0. However, I can walk all over my 900-foot 2 apartment without connectivity stuttering, which is promising. In fact, regardless of the environment in which I was, the headphones managed to maintain a constant connection without releasing. The only situation where he stuttered was when he was on the subway.

How do headphones sound?

<img class = "size-large wp-image-19546" src = "×683.jpg" alt = "Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: An angled, top-down image of the headset and charging case in AstroTurf / concrete 19659041] The Rowkin Ascent Charge + is a pair of versatile headsets that work well with a wide range

If you are looking for a pair of dynamic headphones with overpowering bass, you should keep looking in. The frequency response of Ascent Charge + is neutral-sloped with a dip in the treble frequencies, due to the noise reduction improvements In addition, because of the software and a good fit, you will be less likely to increase the volume that will protect your hearing in the long term.

  Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: The response graph in frequency for true wireless headphones. [19659043] Although the bass is not exaggerated, its presence is still evident. The acute, on the other hand, has a tendency to sound too emphasized and, therefore, harsh. </p>
<p>  <b> Low and Medium </b> </p>
<p>  In <i> Sex n & # 39; Drugs </i> by Abhi the Nomad, the introduction opens with C # m and F # m. Following these chords, bells are thrown into the mix and heard clearly. Of course, at 0:12, the bells are the only sound that <i> can </i> be heard. Only 12 seconds later, the bass falls and Abhi's voice remains audible even with the bass line. </p>
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Although the frequency table may cause some listeners to have doubts about the low-end response, their presence is significant. I prefer this kind of response, since it allows you to listen to the instruments that accompany it along with the rhythm.


The emphasis of the treble frequency is obvious within the first 40 seconds of Sex n & # 39; Drugs . At twelve thirty-five, the first hi-hat is struck and its harmonic resonance is emphasized too much, which has caused me to decrease the volume from 75 percent to just over 50 percent. Although this is fatiguing, the peak around 8.5kHz explains the hard response. This can be mitigated by playing in the Rowkin application and adjusting the EQ settings.

Should you buy the Rowkin Ascent Charge +?

Yes, this includes an excellent pair of headphones that are easy to distinguish from the crowd. Not only is it said to be the smallest sports headphones, as the package reads them, but the battery life is excellent, and the dual-purpose charging case is practical. In addition, the inclusion of Qi Wireless Charger is a good touch.

  Rowkin Ascent Charge + review: A top-down image of the headphones in the case on a wooden / concrete surface.

The IPX5 Rowkin Ascent Charge + is a set of authentic wireless headphones.

Of course, the Rowkin Ascent Charge + is not without its imperfections. If you have small ears, it is not worth trying to justify the pain. Although, if you do not mind feeling they can eject at any time, you can always remove the ring. What's more, if you listen to music with a lot of treble, these may not be for you since the frequencies of sibilant highs were difficult to endure beyond 15 minutes. With those two biggest faults of the Charge +, however, it is safe to say that it is an excellent pair of really wireless headphones.

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