Kayak’s new AR feature will tell you if your carry-on bag fits the overhead bin

Popular travel application Kayak has put augmented reality for smart use with a new feature that allows you to measure the size of your handbag with just your smartphone. Your updated iOS application now leverages Apple's ARKit technology to introduce a new Bag Measurement tool that will help you calculate the size of your bag so you can know if it fits in the top compartment: you know, before ] your trip.

The tool is practical because the dimensions of carry-on baggage can differ from one airline to another, explains Kayak, so today it's not so easy to find out if your bag will fit.

In the new iOS Kayak Application, you can access the measurement tool through the Flight Search function.

The application will first ask you to scan the floor to calibrate the measurements. Then move your phone around the bag to capture its size. The Kayak app will do the calculations and return the size of the bag, in terms of length, width and height.

And it will tell you if the bag "looks good" or if it does not meet the size requirements for carry-on baggage. [19659002]

In addition, the company says it compares all airline baggage size requirements in one place, so you'll know for sure if the airline has it. will allow are flying.

Augmented reality applications, until now, have been a mix. (Sorry).

Some applications can be quite useful, such as displaying furniture placed in a room or trying out new makeup colors. (Yes, really, I'm serious). But others are more questionable, like some AR game apps, maybe. (For example, how long would you play that AR slingshot game?)

But one area where AR has stayed better is to help you measure things with your phone, so much so that even Apple launched its own AR measuring tape with iOS 12.

The Kayak tool, also synchronized with the launch of iOS 12, is among the most practical applications.

The company says that the AR function is currently only available on upgraded iOS devices.

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