Live from Apple’s iPhone event

In the morning, Cupertino. Today is the big event at Apple HQ. 2018 has been a slow year for Apple hardware (including a complete absence at WWDC a few months ago). As always, we will be at your disposal to help you make sense of all the news as it breaks, and you can continue with our practical live blog below. For those who want it directly from the source, they can follow the live broadcast of Apple or on Twitter.

As for what to expect, according to all accounts there will be A LOT. The new iPhones are basically a fact. It is likely that there is a sequel to the iPhone X, along with a cheaper version that keeps the design intact, while changing the OLED for something a little cheaper. A new version of Apple Watch also seems almost a fact at this point. Here is a summary of the most likely announcements of today's big show to help you prepare for the news.

Things start at 10AM PT, 1PM ET.

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