Fortnite Android Beta: everything you need to know about the mobile game

[Update: Fortnite's dominance continues, with beta of Android running now on certain Android devices, and an official release just around the corner. You can see how to download Fortnite on Android in our separate instruction guide, but the next page has everything else you need to know about the mobile version of the popular game.] [19659008] Battle royale shooter Fortnite is the most played videogame on the planet, with PC console and iOS logging into its tens of millions to try and win one of your 100 last-player matches.

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After a very short exclusivity window for Samsung devices, the beta version has been extended to a wider version. Android phone list. An official release is likely to arrive in the coming weeks, even if it goes longer than expected.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the gaming phenomenon that comes to your phone or tablet.

What is Fortnite? Android?

The mobile version of Fortnite is the complete game you know and love from PC and consoles, with the same weapons, the same map and an identical update schedule.

The controls are adapted for the touch screen, with some automated actions to make it less complicated, including picking up items and opening doors.

The elements of the Fortnite UI are also different in Android, with additional building buttons appearing, and there are on-screen indicators of steps and firing indicators to indicate the direction of nearby sounds. Apart from that, it's the same game.

Fornite on the Android release date

Epic has yet to announce an exact release date, although the beta version is now active and the official release can & apos; We are far behind.

Sources told XDA Developers and 9to5Google that the phone will hit stores on August 24, and that Fortnite for Android will be a Samsung exclusive exclusively available for 30 days after that, including Samsung. Galaxy Note 9 – before unlocking for other Android phones on September 23.

Fortunately we got there much earlier, although new phones are still being added to the list of devices capable of playing the game.

Anyone who plays the recently announced Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 also has an exclusive skin with the Galaxy theme to use.

What devices will be compatible with Fortnite on Android?

A publication on the Epic website confirmed that the beta version was initially running on a select number of Samsung Galaxy devices, with other Android phones to follow soon after.

You can see the complete list of devices that run the game in the box, on the right. But remember: it's likely that more devices will be supported when Android comes out on Fortnite.

How will you install the game?

First things first: you will not find it in Google Play Store like all its other applications.

While iOS users have been happily downloading Fortnite from the Apple App Store, anyone on Android will have to find a dedicated installation file on the Fortnite website.

All players have to do is open an Internet browser on their smartphones, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and go to, where they will find the Fortnite Installer to download.

The APK installation file will only occupy approximately 2 MB of storage, although the game itself comes in a size larger than 2 GB.

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Credit: XDA Developers

Why would Epic keep the Android version out of Play Store?

Without a doubt, it's a bold decision: Play Store is where Android users get the vast majority of their applications, and by not being there, Epic potentially loses some players. But Fortnite is a great family name, and maybe the developer hopes that players do not mind taking some extra steps to have it on their phones.

Also, forcing players to download the game through their website, Epic does not have to share the money they earn with purchases from the application with Google. If Fortnite were in the Play Store, Google would take a 30% share, as Apple does with the iOS version.

An official press release cited Epic's desire to build a "direct relationship" with its players, although he recognized the "economic efficiency" of completely avoiding the Google store tax.

Considering that Fortnite on iOS has just exceeded 100 million downloads and eliminated $ 160 million of integrated purchases, diverting the Play Store can be a smart business decision.

Fortnite on Android supports cross-play with iOS, PC and consoles?

Fortnite Android

Yes, Fortnite for Android will be compatible with the shooter versions of iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so you can join your friends on other platforms. Epic has not said if Cross-Play for Android will be available at the launch, or if it will arrive later.

Stay tuned to this page for updates as and when they happen.

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