The best Linux distros of 2018

Updated: We've added our favorite openSUSE to our list for developer and sysadmin readers.

You can not lower the security level of a Windows computer, but you can introduce Linux if macOS is too shallow. Quite simply, it is the ultimate part of open source software. The OS started exclusively on a regular x86 desktop PC, but has since been used for everything from Android phones to Google Chromebooks.

Linux is based on a Unix-like operating system that gained fame in the late 1970s. . It has been adopted by various software developers and has been replaced by various & quot; distributions & quot; or & quot; distributions & quot ;. All top-end Linux distributions use the Linux kernel, which can be thought of with the mind and spirit of the operating system. A variety of desktop environments for these distributions are built around them.

The best Linux distributions are tailored to specific types of users. For example, Ubuntu is very easy to use because it's designed for beginners. Arch Linux, on the other hand, appeals to experienced users who can take advantage of using terminals to enter commands to perform tasks such as installing applications. This guide focuses on choosing the best distribution overall.

Linux, Windows or Mac – Which is the best? See the guide video below:

1. Novell OS

Probably the world's most visible distribution

Cool and cool

Excellent desktop experience

Not many preloaded apps

If you follow distant distances, In the image of the odd hacker type that plagues in the elementary OS is necessary. Perhaps the most attractive distribution in a style similar to macOS. The operating system's excellent desktop environment is known as the Pantheon and is based on Gnome.

The latest version of Elementary OS is called Loki, and it is cleaner and cleaner than its predecessor, Freya, and has its own application installer called AppCenter. Installing an app outside of a terminal is very simple. It's convenient because there are not many pre-installed apps.

Epiphany browsers, Geary email clients, and some basic & # 39; tools & # 39; apps are bundled with the Primary OS. You may need to add more programs, but you can get started easily with the integrated AppCenter. The integrated AppCenter includes paid programs designed specifically for the OS, such as quilters for birthdays or Spice-Up for creating presentations. The inconvenience of purchasing and downloading additional applications is balanced with the elegance of the elementary OS.

Beginner OS Here

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2. Linux Mint

Powerful option for first time Linux users

Ideal for people switching on Windows / Mac

Good media support

Impressive customizing options

Linux Mint is a great tool. It is the default & # 39; distribution & # 39; for new Linux users. It contains a lot of software needed to switch from a Mac or Windows like LibreOffice that Linux users like. In addition, improved support for proprietary media formats allows instant playback of video, DVD, and MP3 music files.

You can download the four basic starters of Mint 18.3 and use different desktop environments. The topmost layer in the interface allows you to change elements such as the appearance of windows and menus. Cinnamon is currently the most popular, but you can choose a more basic MATE or Xfce.

There is also a KDE version of Linux Mint 18.3 that uses the Plasma desktop environment. The latest version includes a modified Software Manager and has a & # 39; recommended app & # 39; like Spotify, Skype and WhatsApp.

All of these desktop environments offer many customization options, so you can download them for free and boot to the Live CD.

Mint here

  best linux distro

Arch Linux

Arch Linux or Antergos is a Sterling Linux option

Potential for customization

Antergos shows a user-friendly spin

Linux itself is not faint.

Arch Linux, which wants to use a slightly less user-friendly distribution, is one of the most popular choices. Arch allows you to customize builds that download and install packages using terminals, especially for developers and older system users who want to avoid unnecessary packages taking up space.

A Linux distribution is installed, but a user-friendly way is now available. There is also an Arch Linux version called Antergos above. Antergos allows you to change the look of your system by providing more drivers, more applications, and more desktop environments. The goal is to grab hold and execute all the basics from the initial installation.

Hardcore crowd can turn nose in the same package as Antergos, but saving is potentially frustrating for newer, all-new Linux time.

Antergos' graphical installer guides you through the installation process and allows you to boot into the Gnome 3 desktop environment. You can also use Cinammon, MATE, KDE and Xfce environments if you like. Antergos does not have an Office suite, but this package and other programs can be installed via arch package manager & # 39; pacman & # 39 ;.

Arch Linux here or Antergos here

  Best Linux distribution

4. Ubuntu

One of the most popular distributions for good reason

Easy access for beginners

LTS version security and stability

Lubuntu spin is suitable for low PC

Ubuntu is the most popular It is one of the flavors that is strongly recommended for Linux novices because it is very useful to use Linux with Mint.

The new version of Ubuntu is released every six months. At the time of writing, we are up to Ubuntu 18.04. In the other year, Canonical is releasing Ubuntu's LTS (Long Term Support) version. This ensures 5 years of security and regular maintenance updates, so you can keep using your computer every few months without the hassle of performing an in-place upgrade. Standard releases are only supported for one year.

The current LTS version of Ubuntu (18.04) uses the Gnome 3 desktop environment. Windows environments and MacOS users may not be familiar.

There are various Ubuntu that use various environments such as Lubuntu. LXDE-based desktop environment and fast, lightweight applications.

Ubuntu You can start here with and Lubuntu

  best linux distro

5. Tails

Distribution focused on privacy

Highlighting security and privacy

Still keeping user-friendly UI

Part of niche OS

Tails is a Linux that focuses on privacy Distribution. Your aim is to conceal your location and identity as much as possible. Even Edward Snowden used it.

The OS routes through the Tor network, anonymously handling all Internet traffic, which prevents data from being intercepted and analyzed. All security measures are based on Debian Linux and use the Gnome desktop, so the interface is still clear and user friendly.

Although Tales is not for everyone, this niche OS can be relieved if you are not satisfied with the passing of an overly concerned privacy breach bill these days.

Tails here

  Best Linux distribution

6. CentOS 7

Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition Derivative

Designed for reliability

Ideal for servers

Not so good for daily desktop use

CentOS 7 is a community derivative of the Enterprise version. Red Hat Linux and its focus are on reliability rather than ongoing updates. Like Red Hat, CentOS security and maintenance updates are pushed for up to 10 years from the initial release of each version.

CentOS is the best choice for servers because it is designed to be very reliable. It is not a good choice for anyone looking for a new OS that can be used routinely on desktop PCs or laptops.

On the plus side, you can enjoy the pleasure of having something. Packages Compiled for the Commercial Version Red Hat Linux is fully compatible with CentOS and is available for free.

CentOS here

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7. Ubuntu Studio

Spin Ubuntu aimed at audio and video production

Great alternative to expensive production software

Audio plug-ins and other support

Still allow access to main Ubuntu OS packages

If you want a home music recording studio or video production workstation without spending thousands of pounds on industry standard software, consider installing Ubuntu Studio.

Official flavor of Ubuntu Linux is designed for audio and video production as an alternative to paid software such as Pro Tools. Built-in support for audio plug-ins and MIDI input, pre-installed virtual patch bays.

The repository in Ubuntu Studio has access to several Ubuntu OS packages as well as several digital audio sequencers. 19659005] Ubuntu Studio Here

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Targeted mainly for devs and sysadmin

Very sophisticated distributions

Nice and safe

Can create unique versions of OS

Known previously as SUSE Linux and later known as SuSE Linux Professional openSUSE aims. Developers and system administrators. For this reason, security protocols are very strict.

The operating system is divided into two major distributions: openSUSE Leap and openSUSE Tumbleweed. Leap is much more stable because it uses SUSE Linux Enterprise source code. The new version is supported approximately three times a year in a year, making it ideal for business applications.

Tumbleweed (pictured above) is based on Factory, the main development code base for openSUSE. Follow the rolling release model. In other words, the package can be downloaded as soon as it is tested in the factory. In other words, Tumbleweed contains the latest stable applications and is good for everyday use.

The OS uses the glittering KDE Plasma desktop. It is perfect if your machine can handle advanced graphics functions.

One of the more sophisticated Linux distributions, openSUSE, continues to be available on The SUSE Studio Express website also allows you to create your own version of openSUSE with pre-installed software packages, desktops, and system settings.

openSUSE here

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