The best cheap PlayStation VR bundles and deals in September 2018

PlayStation VR packages are cheaper than you think. Sony reduced the price of all its packages a while ago and most of them also come to pack the PS4 camera, which really needs to run the headphones.

Originally £ 350 / $ 399 at the launch for headphones only the new price structure generally starts at just £ 259 / $ 299. This includes the headphones and also the camera and a game, usually the excellent collection of mini-games, VR Worlds. We have also seen some very tempting discounts this summer, so now is the time to look for your mega package at a low price.

Below you will find our guide to the best PlayStation VR packages available for headphones along with the package options often also include the camera or the games, we will let you know which ones have the best value for money.

This page of PlayStation VR package deals can also help you prepare by picking up the other kit you have. need to enjoy the best PlayStation VR experience. You will want to take the PS4 camera as you need it for the PlayStation VR headset to work. It could also take a couple of PS Move motion controllers, since some virtual reality games support them. You can also use these elements with a small amount of games based on Move PS4 like SportsFriends or Just Dance. If you are looking for the best update, check out our PS4 Pro offers.

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PlayStation VR headset offers

The following table will be updated regularly with the latest headphones with PlayStation VR headphone prices from different retailers. After a seemingly endless stock shortage, the units seem to be back in stock in most stores. What a fantastic news with 2017 watching some PlayStation VR games to enjoy as Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint.

PlayStation VR bundles (US)

PlayStation VR bundles (UK)

Game offerings for PlayStation VR

Keep an eye on this handy graphic below, as we will update it with the prices most recent for a wide range of PlayStation VR games. To compare prices in individual titles, click & apos; See all offers & apos; button on the bottom of the box.

cheap ps4 camera

PS4 camera offers

It is crucial that you buy a PS4 camera along with your VR headset, otherwise, will not work. However, Don & t pays more than the standard of £ 40 / $ 60 for the camera. Sony released an updated and round model (see image above) with built-in TV support and there are offers included in the chart below, usually with a price of around £ 40- £ 45, which is not bad taking into account account the new clip. The previous PS4 camera is also compatible with PlayStation VR. If there is nothing tempting then maybe try a new / preferred unit through eBay

  • PS4 camera deals on eBay – UK
  • PS4 camera deals on eBay – USA

cheap playstation vr offers

Cheap ps motion controllers

PlayStation Move motion controllers

PlayStation Move motion controls are largely an optional purchase since not all games are compatible. Many who do have it, also have options to use the standard DualShock 4 PS4 controller.

The movement wands are not as available as the cameras at the moment, but there are offers that can be found if you compare to us or let us do it through that magic box below. some of the most expensive results are actually for twin packages. We recommend a bit of caution if you are considering used units, since the lack of use in recent years may have attenuated the battery capacity compared to the new controllers. If you want to try your luck (and probably save a good amount), here are some useful links for eBay.

  • PS Move motion controller deals on eBay – UK
  • PS Move motion controller deals on eBay – USA. UU

cheap playstation vr deals

We will update these prices periodically and add the packages that may appear with the headphones, camera, controllers or games.

Do you need an additional standard driver? Check out the best DualShock 4 offers.

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