New MacBook Air 2018, iPad Pro are no-shows in Apple’s sitemap leak

A few hours prior to the release of the iPhone XS, all of the iPhone's name, size and color to be announced today are revealed through Apple's own website through an XML sitemap file leak. However, we were unable to find any information about the MacBook Air 2018 or iPad Pro 3 that is rumored in the file content.

Is there any possibility that one of these products will not be seen in the keynote? This is why many experts have largely omitted the omitted parts.

Of course, this assumption is entirely understandable given the fact that the Apple Store is considered down at the time of writing and is likely to be filled with spilled URLs. XML files It is relatively safe to assume that these products are not ready for release unless Apple has prepared them for the leaked URLs associated with the new MacBook Air or iPad Pro.

There is a rumor that Intel will miss launching its 2018 MacBook Air in the absence of the latest laptop processors.

However, there is no rumor related to iPad Pro 3. XML file. In fact, the tablet seems to have already passed the Eurasian Economic Commission for approval of wireless communications. This is common in the second half of the life cycle before launch.

Would you like to see your new iPad or Mac hardware? From Apple today? Even with this information, it is still difficult to say with certainty. The signs do not point to such an announcement, but Apple can surprise us. Or you can launch a new iPad and Mac at the launch event in October.

Via Apple Insider

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