Best iPad apps 2018: download these now

Microsoft Word does not really need an introduction. Unless you live under ordinary rock, you've heard of Microsoft's incredibly popular word processor. You may not realize how good it is on the iPad.

If you run your app instead of using a blank canvas, you will have access to a variety of useful templates. It then works similar to the desktop version of Word, but has been carefully optimized for tablets. Your brain continues to claim that it should not exist, even if it is a bit confusing on the iPad mini.

Wisely, stored documents can be stored locally, rather than being forced to use Microsoft's cloud. Share via email. (The PDF option is also available to recipients who are unusually hidden, but not Office, under "Beware Attachments", which is located behind the Share button on the Documents & # 39;

Is there anything else? Also missing: Full iPad Pro 12.9 support from the free version. On the smaller iPad, you only need a Microsoft account to access most features. Some advanced features – section breaks; Ten; Change tracking; Insert WordArt – requires an Office 365 account, but does not restrict most users.

Perhaps Microsoft thinks that iPad Pro owners have the money to burn because they have free viewers. Bah.

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