Alex Jones’ Infowars gets banned from Apple’s App Store

Another domino has fallen into the media empire of Alex Jones. Apple announced this week that it has withdrawn the controversial theorist / provocateur of the App Store conspiracy this week, banning the Infowars application for violations of its "objectionable content" rules.

A little more specifically, it was determined that the host had violated the Terms of Service in relation to "defamatory, discriminatory or petty" content, including references or comments on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national / ethnic origin or other target groups, especially if the application can humiliate, intimidate or endanger a target person or group. "

There has been a cascading effect with many of the major platforms Jones has used to distribute his video content. Facebook, Google and Spotify have extracted content from Infowars from their respective platforms, this week, Twitter and Periscope banned it after widespread criticism.

Among other controversial comments, Jones has been criticized for suggesting that Sandy Hook's shooting, which resulted in the death of 20 elementary school students, it was a hoax.

We contacted Apple to make comments.

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