Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay, and the writers of Deadpool are making a Netflix movie

Last year Netflix made its first attempt to produce a highly successful action movie with the fantasy-action hybrid Bright but it seems that the service has increased its ambitions considerably. According to The Hollywood Reporter will produce a new Ryan Reynolds action movie called Six Underground to be directed by Transformers & # 39; Michael Bay. [19659002] Bay has become synonymous with bombastic and costly action films, with a filmography composed of films like Bad Boys, The Rock and The Transformers franchise. Six Underground will reportedly revolve around "six billionaires who simulate their own death and form an elite team to defeat the bad guys," but it's likely to have a raucous mood in the mix too. It was written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the screenwriter duo behind films by Deadpool and Zombieland. Six Underground is expected to begin production this summer, and will be released on Netflix in 2019.

In recent years, Netflix has become a television destination with shows like Stranger Things ] Jessica Jones and Altered Carbon. His long-term ambitions have not been as successful. The service has focused mainly on the acquisition of low-to-mid-budget movies, or taking studio cast-offs as The Cloverfield Paradox. With the film directed by David Ayer Bright Netflix took the step of simply producing a movie on a budget the size of a blockbuster of its own. The film was critically criticized, but Netflix nevertheless gave the green light to a sequel. Six Underground however, will come from one of the greatest action directors in Hollywood history. With the participation of Reynolds and the creative team of Deadpool is clearly the most ambitious Netflix movie game to date.

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